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Starchild Here! Dave Parker at the 1979 Midsummer Classic

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Ron Cook: Dave Parker takes you inside 'The Cobra' with his new book

PITTSBURGH — I know all about Parkinson's disease. It ravaged my father Ray's mind and body, eventually killing him in January 2004. I know what Dave Parker is going through. The deadly illness can bring even Pittsburgh's biggest, baddest sports star to his knees. "I have good and bad days,...

Dave Parker, on a life of brotherhood and baseball

Dave Parker was destined for greatness but he always found his own way through the shadows and light. Two things you should know about Dave Parker — 1) He was a truly great baseball player, and 2) he knows he could have been greater. He was a player so feared,...
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30 With Murti: Dave Parker discusses his new book and more

Dave Parker was one of the most feared hitters of his generation. On the latest 30 With Murti podcast, the seven-time All-Star and two-time World Series champ talks about his early years, racial tensions, and his time as one of the true superstars in the game. The 1978 NL MVP and two-time batting champion also discusses his former battle with drugs and his current battle with Parkinson's Disease.

Bucs Dugout talks with Dave Parker

Dave Parker is literally the reason I write about the Pirates. When the opportunity came my way in the summer of 2019, I remembered my thirteen-year-old suburban white Jersey girl self sitting in front of the TV during the 1979 World Series, wearing the Pirates pillbox cap that my PPG Paints-employed uncle had brought back from the Burgh. I was rooting for the Famalee because no good Yankees fan in her right mind would EVER root for the Orioles. I remembered my mom, who had died the December before, saying what a handsome man Parker was, so I rooted for him in particular.

Should Dave Parker be in the Hall of Fame?

The excellent interview with Dave Parker brought me back to an old argument -- should he be in the Hall of Fame?. The case against him comes down to three main points: The drug trial of 1985, diminished production during his later years as a Pirate, and the matter of his career numbers. But statistics are not the only measurement of a career. Indeed, statistical benchmarks gave us Don Sutton, purely inducted for longevity, and Tom Glavine was permitted entry solely for his relentless efforts to extend the strike zone east and west until it reached the on-deck circles. Whenever an umpire resisted the wide strikes, Glavine got hammered.

Book Review: COBRA by Dave Parker with Dave Jordan

On September 29, 1979, Dave Parker was operating on roughly forty-five minutes of sleep. He had broken up with his live-in girlfriend the night before after she had cursed out his mother on the phone. She did not take it well and had proceeded to cause thousands of dollars in damage to his home and car, necessitating a police visit.

Dave Parker News

Today, we continue with our Black History Month tribute for some of the best African American players the Pittsburgh Pirates have ever had. So far, we’ve written pieces about pitcher Bob Veale and outfielders Andrew McCutchen and Dave Parker. I woke up in a five-star hotel room in Honolulu on...