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Dave Kaval continuing weekly trips to Las Vegas

The Oakland A’s stadium situation appears to be getting closer to being resolved. The Howard Terminal Project is heading towards a binding resolution on June 30, something that is expected to be a formality after the Final Staff Recommendation suggested removing Port Authority Use from the area. This clears one of the final hurdles from the A’s getting their waterfront ballpark in Oakland.
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Dave Kaval threatening Oakland with relocation yet again

At this point in time, just about everyone outside of the Oakland A’s are fed up with Dave Kaval. His position as a mouthpiece for ownership, and his constant flirtation with Las Vegas, have made him one of the more hated people in the franchise. It is a drastic change for someone who had once been viewed as a possible saviour for the organization.
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Dave Kaval needs to focus on important issues

One would imagine that Oakland A’s team president Dave Kaval would have a lot on his plate these days. Between trying to pick a city for the A’s, the Howard Terminal Project and the team’s flirtation with Las Vegas, and an outright revolt from the fans, Kaval should be a busy person.
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Thursday BP: Dave Kaval needs to find a hobby

I know that the series between the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics is over (for now) but since I was off for yesterday’s BP, I didn’t get to add on to the public dragging of A’s President, Dave Kaval. Now, if you aren’t on social media,...

Dave Kaval makes laughable statement about Oakland A’s future payroll

The Oakland A’s simply do not spend money on payroll. They hammered that point home this offseason and during spring training, jettisoning their stars as they sought to fall below $50 million in salary obligations for the 2022 season. According to team president Dave Kaval, that is simply how things are, a part of the cycle of the A’s and nothing will change it.

Dave Kaval keeps beating Oakland A’s payroll drum

Dave Kaval is taking quite a bit of heat from the Oakland A’s fanbase lately. It is entirely understandable as to why that would be – he is the face of ownership and is going to be receiving the brunt of the fan’s ire when it comes to the team’s general refusal to spend on payroll. That anger only increased when the A’s doubled ticket prices while undergoing a fire sale.