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(SPRINGFIELD) It was late this past Friday that the State Senate approved the new legislative maps in a vote that took place just hours after they were filed. In response, State Senator Darren Bailey (R- Louisville) released the following statement : “As if it wasn’t bad enough they stayed behind locked doors through the entire process, the Democrats, in the dead of night, filed legislation for a hyper-partisan map, and in less than 24 hours, the legislation made it through committee and passed the Senate in a party-line vote. Throughout this process, Illinoisans have called for a fair, transparent, and independent map. Instead, Democrats pushed a map through that uses inaccurate data and is the result of politicians choosing their voters rather than voters choosing politicians. It’s now up to the Governor to live up to his campaign promise and veto this map.”


(LOUISVILLE) For nearly 14 months, the Illinois General Assembly has largely let Governor Pritzker manage the COVID-19 pandemic unilaterally, but some at the statehouse believe that’s been a failure of the legislature’s responsibility. One such downstate lawmaker, State Senator Darren Bailey of Louisville says the General Assembly’s failure to check the Governor’s authority is an abdication of duty and that it’s the job of elected lawmakers to keep everything that happens in Illinois in line with the law and to make sure that what happens has the entire state’s best interest at heart, from Chicago to Metropolis and all points between.
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State Senator Darren Bailey Details his Opposition to Senate Bill 814

For Immediate Release- Press Release with Audio – State Senator Darren Bailey, April 28, 2021. State Senator Darren Bailey Details his Opposition to Senate Bill 814. The Illinois Senate passed new legislation Wednesday (April 28) further reinforcing so-called Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards. In March, the State Board of...
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(SPRINGFIELD) The State Senate has approved a bill that was co-sponsored by Senator Darren Bailey of Louisville. Senate Bill 1624 amends all public university acts to include credit for agricultural sciences and education courses. The Clay County farmer says it’s “common sense” legislation which will benefit college students that have previously taken agriculture courses, not to mention those that take such courses in the future. While most colleges accept agriculture science as a science course, others do not. This bill would change that to include agricultural science as a science prerequisite and agriculture education as an elective prerequisite. Senate Bill 1624 now advances to the State House of Representatives for consideration there.

State Senator Darren Bailey Talked to WKEI About His Decision to Run for Governor

State Senator Darren Bailey is coming to Kewanee on Saturday from 5 Pm to 7 Pm for a meet and greet at The Stables in Kewanee. State Senator Bailey spoke to WKEI on Friday in the Noon Hour to talk about why he decided to run for Governor, the status of his lawsuit against Governor J.B Pritzker, and what he’d like to do if elected. State Senator Bailey is currently one of three candidates declared on the Republican side with others still weighing whether to join the race.
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Darren Bailey: Help with state's teacher shortage

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed during my time in elected office, it’s that everyone has their own concerns and priorities about what their government needs to do better. Some people focus on crime levels while other people complain about taxes. But if you talk to them long enough, nearly...
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Senator Darren Bailey Refiles Legislation To Eliminate FOID Cards

Southern Illinois farmer, small business owner, and State Senator Darren Bailey refiled legislation, Senate Bill 1948, to repeal the FOID act and eliminate FOID requirements in other parts of state law. Noting a nearly year-long backlog to process these applications and his commitment since his first day in office to end this unnecessary burden on Illinoisans’ constitutional rights, he released the following statement.

Sen. Darren Bailey Releases Updated Mobile Office Hours

State Senator Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) wants to make sure that state government resources remain accessible to the residents of the 55th District. He is continuing his mobile office hours program, where district office staff set up shop one day per week in different areas. “Our offices are upon for calls...
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The Mincing Rascals 3.18.2021: Trump Tower accidental vaccinations, IL Senator Darren Bailey, lack of President Joe Biden media appearances and more!

The Mincing Rascals are John Williams of WGN Radio, Eric Zorn and Lisa Donovan of Chicago Tribune and Heather Cherone of WTTW. They begin this week’s politics discussion with discussing the situation involving the vaccination of 72 Trump Tower employees and Loretto Hospital and they share their thoughts on this. Then, they break down Senator Darren Bailey’s campaign kickoff for Governor and the lack of mask wearing at multiple events. Then the Rascals switch gears and dissect the reasoning behind why President Joe Biden hasn’t held a media press conference in a while. Finally, here’s what the Rascals had to say about their vaccination journeys, who should get the vaccine and who’s jumping the line.


(LOUISVILLE) State Senator Darren Bailey released the following statement following Illinois Governor JB Pritzker’s announcement yesterday of a “Bridge Phase” for reopening. “This week it’s a bridge, tomorrow it’s a ferry, maybe next week it could be another flight to Florida for his family. Despite declining numbers of people who are sick and increasing numbers of those who are vaccinated, the Governor continues to drag his feet on the process of letting Illinoisans get back to work and live their daily lives. The Governor is continuing to make decisions behind closed doors that affect every part of people’s lives. He refuses to engage the legislature in the process or offer transparency about how he decided to set what seems like more arbitrary metrics. The Governor has spent the last year running the state alone through executive orders. It’s time for that to end and for Illinois to reopen.” For more, check out the Senator’s Facebook page or website online.
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(LOUISVILLE) As school districts across Illinois continue to struggle with hiring teachers to fill openings, many in the field point to the government-mandated edTPA test as a significant roadblock to future teachers. State Senator Darren Bailey has filed legislation to eliminate the state’s current requirement that teachers take and pass the controversial test. The Clay County farmer says he has heard from teachers and administrators alike that the edTPA is making the teacher shortage worse and as a former school board member, I have personally seen a large number of good and qualified teachers that would have been very successful but were turned away because they were unable to clear this arbitrary requirement. Currently, in Illinois, student teachers have to pass the edTPA test to obtain licensure to teach. The test has several components, including a requirement that teachers record themselves on video teaching and then submit the video to an outside, private organization for review. Preparing for and passing the test can also be expensive for student teachers. Many education organizations have said that the test isn’t the best indicator of future success as a teacher. It unfairly hurts certain candidates, especially lower-income students, and can take significant time away from important skills learned through hands-on student teaching. The current edTPA requirement overrides the opinion of professors, administrators, and local school boards as to the quality of prospective teachers. Eliminating this onerous and arbitrary requirement will help ease the teacher shortage & empower our local school boards & communities to decide who is best qualified to educate our students.
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(SPRINGFIELD) State Senator Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) has filed legislation to protect elections by requiring paper ballots. The Clay County farmer said yesterday that one of the simplest and best ways to ensure ballot security and protect the integrity of elections from hackers is to bring back the use of paper ballots. Bailey’s legislation, Senate Bill 2038, would mandate that election authorities use hand-marked paper ballots, which could be counted by hand or by optical scanners. Election authorities would be required to implement strict chain-of-command procedures for ballots, voter registration polls, and tabulation results. The legislation also contains a requirement that the Illinois State Board of Elections implement software that would monitor and detect vulnerabilities in the security of voter registration rolls.


(LOUISVILLE) Clay County farmer Darren Bailey finished up his statewide tour of several stops earlier this week to officially announce that he is a candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor of Illinois in 2022. Making the many stops this week, Bailey is the third Republican to date to announce their candidacy. The current 55th District State Senator, formerly the 109th District State Representative, is not only continuing to represent the people of Southeastern and South Central Illinois in Springfield, but is also now making plans for various upcoming stops and visits in the weeks and months ahead in his gubernatorial race. More information and/or details are on Senator Bailey’s website, at www.BaileyForIllinois.com.
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Darren Bailey Announces Run For Governor, Pledges To Restore Illinois

Southern Illinois State Senator Darren Bailey announced last night to a crowd of supporters in Effingham that he will seek the Republican nomination for Governor, aiming to unseat incumbent JB Pritzker in 2022 and pledging to fight for the working people, not the political elites. “There’s nothing that’s wrong with...
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[EDITORIAL] What Darren Bailey Didn’t Tell Us

If you were surprised by Monday night’s big announcement in Effingham, you haven’t been paying attention since pretty much the start of the pandemic. For months, it’s been evident that Darren Bailey, a Republican state lawmaker from the town of Xenia, has been gearing up to challenge Democratic Governor JB Pritzker in 2022.
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Darren Bailey Announces Bid for Illinois Governor

After spending much of last year clashing with Gov. JB Pritzker on COVID-19 guidelines, a southern Illinois lawmaker now says he wants to run against him. Republican Darren Bailey announced his candidacy for governor Monday night in Effingham. He says the Democratic Party has had its turn in power. "They've...