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GO TO: Suspiria (1977) Dir. Dario Argento

11/8 @ Somerville - Live score by Claudio Simonetti's GOBLIN!. Arguably the finest of Dario Argento’s intensely colorful, frightening films, Suspiria is phenomenal and ageless. The color red paints the walls and the backgrounds, the blood spilt across the German dance floors. Maggots ominously rain onto the floor. Dancers...
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’Dark Glasses’ review: Dir. Dario Argento [Fantasia]

Born in 1940, Italian director Dario Argento has worked in the film industry since 1966 where he began as a writer. Then in 1970, Argento turned his hand to directing. The results of his first foray, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, kick-started a directorial career that has spanned six decades. Popularly known for creating films within the Giallo sub-genre, Argento returns after a ten-year directing hiatus with Dark Glasses.
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SHE WILL Trailer Brings Nightmarish Scares – From Executive Producer Dario Argento, Starring Alice Krige

A superb, sly horror-drama debut delivering otherworldly feminist vengeance.”. “Bold and bewitching. Between the haunting score and Colbert’s effortless style, She Will…casts an atmospheric spell through tactile, dreamy visuals.”. – Meagan Navarro, BLOODY DISGUSTING. IFC Midnight is proud to present SHE WILL, the psychological horror directed by Charlotte...

Dario Argento on Acting for Gaspar Noé, Witchcraft, and Directing Chimpanzees

Italian horror filmmaker Dario Argento is having one hell of a year, both on and in front of the big screen. Argento’s not normally an actor, but in late April, American audiences saw Argento deliver a chilling performance opposite co-lead Françoise Lebrun in Vortex, Gaspar Noé’s harrowing split-screen drama about aging and dementia. And starting this week, Film at Lincoln Center celebrates the Italian Hitchcock’s vital directorial work with “Beware Dario Argento,” a retrospective featuring 17 new restorations of Argento’s movies (courtesy of the historic Roman film studio Cinecittà).

Dario Argento on Starring in Gaspar Noé’s ‘Vortex’: ‘I Don’t Feel Like What I Did Was Acting’

Click here to read the full article. Dario Argento is one of the most beloved horror directors of the 20th century, having pioneered the giallo subgenre with classic films like “Suspiria” and “Deep Red.” Argento is still directing movies, but the 81-year-old filmmaker recently tried something new: acting. The Italian director earned strong reviews for his lead role as the husband of a dementia-stricken woman in Gaspar Noé’s “Vortex,” a movie inspired by Noé’s own near-death experience. The film premiered at Cannes last year before hitting theaters in America this summer. Argento, whose work is currently enjoying a retrospective at...

“Cinema Doesn’t Heal or Cure You of Anything”: Dario Argento on “the Pleasure of Terrible Ceremonies” and His 20-Film Retrospective

The day before the start of his 20-film retrospective at Film at Lincoln Center, Dario Argento talked with film historian Rob King in front of a small delegation at the Italian Cultural Institute. King started by pointing out that the director has now directed giallo films for 53 years, or “four years longer than John Ford made westerns.” Asked what the genre means, Argento said he’s been asked this question thousands of times and that “once more” he will answer—“I don’t know.” Asked if his approach to directing giallo has changed, he also answered as he always has—No. He simply follows his instincts.

‘Beware of Dario Argento,’ a 20-film retrospective, debuts at Lincoln Center with Q&As from the legendary filmmaker

Argento, who directed cinematic classics like ‘Suspiria’ and ‘Deep Red’ appeared at select screenings throughout the weekend. Horror buffs and enthusiasts of mystery rejoice: “Beware of Dario Argento,” a 20-film retrospective on legendary Italian director Dario Argento’s career presented by Film at Lincoln Center, debuted over the weekend to sold out audiences. The series, which runs through June 29, features 17 brand new 4K restorations of career-spanning titles and horror classics including “Deep Red,” “Suspiria” and “Tenebrae.” Argento himself appeared alongside interpreter Michael Moore at select screenings throughout the weekend to participate in post-film Q&As and pre-movie introductions. The influential filmmaker also presented his latest effort, “Dark Glasses,” to American audiences for the first time on Sunday. It is Argento’s first film in 10 years.

NYC Weekend Watch: Dario Argento, Bad Boys II, Dore O. & More

NYC Weekend Watch is our weekly round-up of repertory offerings. A 20-film Dario Argento retrospective has begun. Videodrome plays on Friday and Saturday, while a print of The Fly screens Friday and Sunday; to highlight some of Will Smith’s best onscreen work, prints of Bad Boys II and Ali show on Saturday and Sunday, respectively; indie classic In the Soup plays on Friday with a director Q&A; William Lustig presents his film Vigilante on 35mm this Saturday.

Beware! Horror Film Master Dario Argento Is Coming to NYC

In the fall of 2019, when Film at Lincoln Center’s extensive Dario Argento retrospective was first scheduled to premiere, it seemed possible to catch a screening of Suspiria in New York City without even intending to. When the 1977 film wasn’t showing at midnight at a repertory house, it was playing on mute, filtered through projectors’ bulbs at image-conscious bars, clubs, and parties frequented by denizens of a new scene whose headquarters were a stone’s throw from Metrograph Theaters.

‘She Will’ Trailer: Dario Argento and Alfonso Cuarón Approve of This Gothic Revenge Thriller

Click here to read the full article. What happens to the spirits of the witches burned at the stake? For “She Will,” the power of supernatural womanhood rights the wrongs against women. Artist Charlotte Colbert’s directorial debut “She Will” won the Golden Leopard for Best First Feature at Locarno Film Festival before drawing the attention of famed “Suspiria” filmmaker Dario Argento, who signed on to executive produce the film after its world premiere. “She Will” premieres in theaters and on demand July 15 from IFC Midnight, followed by a Shudder launch October 14. Exclusive to IndieWire, watch the trailer below. The gothic...


IFC Midnight is proud to present SHE WILL, the psychological horror directed by Charlotte Colbert, making her directorial debut. Executive produced by horror legend Dario Argento (Suspiria), SHE WILL won the Golden Leopard for Best First Film at the Locarno Film Festival and screened at notable festivals around the world including the London Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, Sitges and Thessaloniki. IFC Midnight will open SHE WILL in select theaters and on demand on Friday, July 15, 2022, with Shudder launching the title on October 14, 2022.