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Senate Review by Senator Darcy Jech

Bills have been signed, the budget has passed, and the 2022 legislative session is officially adjourned. It was a busy one as we diligently worked to continue our rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, approved legislation to diversify our economy and invested in critical needs across the state.One of our focuses ...
Picture for Senate Review by Senator Darcy Jech

Senate Review by Sen. Darcy Jech

We’ve officially surpassed our first deadline of the legislative session. This past Thursday was the deadline to advance Senate bills from our committees, meaning any measure that did not receive a hearing or did not receive enough votes to pass out of committee will not go any further in the legislative process this session. Of the 800 bills that were filed before session began, we’ve approved about 400 of them. We’ll next shift our efforts to studying and voting on these measures on the senate floor.
Picture for Senate Review by Sen. Darcy Jech

Senate Review by Sen. Darcy Jech

This past week, the Oklahoma State Legislature met in special session to complete our work redrawing the boundary lines for legislative and congressional districts. We’re required by law to redraw district lines every 10 years to make adjustments for population changes. Normally, this process is completed in the session following the year in which the U.S. Census has been conducted, but because of the impact of the pandemic on the Census, the final numbers were not available until August, some three months after the session ended.