Dar Williams

Two-part Event: Finding Connections in Our Community, Feat. Dar Williams

3 p.m. - Book Discussion. UW-Stout Harvey Hall Theatre: Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts: First, Williams will discuss her book “What I Found in a Thousand Towns: A Traveling Musician’s Guide to Rebuilding America’s Communities-One Coffee Shop, Dog Run, and Open−Mike Night at a Time” at UW-Stout’s Harvey Hall Theatre. Then, she will do a musical performance at the Mabel Tainter.

“Save the Monarch”: New Video from John Hall featuring Dar Williams Just Released

Acclaimed singer-songwriter, environmental activist and former U.S. Congressman John Hall announced today the release of a new video for his song “Save the Monarch,” which features renowned folk music artist Dar Williams. The four-and-a half minute long video is available on Hall’s website and YouTube. “Save the...

Dar Williams

Dar Williams’ lyrics contain bouquets of optimism, delivered on melodies alternating between beguiling lightness and understated gravity. Williams strongly believes that all of us possess our own power and ability to achieve, and she rejects the exceptionalism that encourages us to “admire that yonder star,” while making us feel small and insignificant; unworthy of shining on our own but hoping to catch enough distant light to inspire some tiny accomplishment. Williams has always been very interested in how to control our future and this album has to do with the fact that at some point, you just can’t.

What to see, do and hear: Dar Williams, Core Dance, Banksy and much more

Dar Williams (pictured above) began her career out of college as stage manager for the Opera Company of Boston in 1990, but she moonlighted as a singer-songwriter on the New England coffeehouse circuit. By 1993, she had released her first album and has since evolved into one of the brightest voices in modern folk music. Her 12th studio album, I’ll Meet You Here, was recorded during the pandemic and the common thread of the songs is the need to meet life where it meets you. Williams performs Wednesday at Eddie’s Attic at 7:30 p.m. Masks are required when not eating or drinking. $36-$42.
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Dar Williams at The Ark, 5 Things to Know

Dar Williams is known primarily as a singer and songwriter, with a dozen releases since 1990. But she’s also an author, and writing her latest two books — 2017’s “What I Found in a Thousand Towns” and the still-in-progress “Writing a Song That Matters” — kept her way from music, or at least recording it, for a while.

Q&A: Dar Williams

Singer-songwriter Dar Williams has found serenity in meeting change as it comes. The philosophy inspired her latest album, “I’ll Meet You Here,” her first in six years. The Mount Kisko, New York, native launched her career in Boston in the 1990s amid a vibrant music scene. Since then, the 51-year-old has had a distinguished and versatile career, releasing 12 studio albums, writing three books and founding a songwriting retreat. Among Williams’ hit songs are “The Beauty of Rain” and “Iowa (Traveling, Pt. 3).” In advance of her concert at The Tin Pan on Dec. 7, we spoke with Williams about her background in folk music and the inspiration for her most recent album.
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The Birchmere welcomes Dar Williams

For a quarter century, Dar Williams has been a force to be reckoned with in the folk industry, first earning acclaim with the release of three small albums and opening for Joan Baez in concert. Over the years, Williams has earned a reputation as one of the best singer-songwriters of...