Danny Cruz

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Black, White and Inked All Over: Danny Cruz to Open Second Tattoo Parlor

Known for his hyperrealistic greyscale tattoos and masterful shading work, Danny Cruz of 4154 Tattoo Shop is opening a second parlor in Reynoldstown. Tattooist Danny Cruz‘s designs are best known for their photorealism — despite the limitations of any two-dimensional canvas, let alone one a living one, his tattoos are imbued with a dizzying level of dimension. Lively with a cacophony of chatter and television programming, the energy of his current establishment, simply named 4154 Tattoo Shop for its location at 4154 Jonesboro Road, is reminiscent of a classic barbershop, save for the buzzing of tattoo guns rather than shavers. Cruz is curating a different environment for the upcoming Moreland Avenue Tattoo Shop at 55 Moreland Ave SE, which is scheduled to open in February, opting for a black and white aesthetic, an open ceiling and a concrete floor with the goal of a more “modern” and “new-age” vibe.