Danilo Pérez

Danilo Peréz: A Global Love Affair

Large buzzards, called Gallinazos in Spanish, glide between the skyscrapers of downtown Panama City. They hover like sentinels, observing not just prey, but human activity below. Over the centuries such birds have witnessed much — from the invasion of murderous transatlantic colonizers to the sacking of the city by the Welsh bandit Captain Henry Morgan; to the traumatic construction of the canal; to even an attack by Panama’s northerly neighbor, the United States.
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A Developing Interest: Danilo Pérez Strives to Play a Better World Into Existence

Crisálida, the new recording by Panamanian pianist and composer Danilo Pérez, is among his most ambitious projects. It addresses broad, complex and emotional social issues utilizing various musical tools and strategies and interdisciplinary work while referencing an assortment of musical traditions interpreted by an unusual ensemble. It is not an easy listen — and perhaps.
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Danilo Pérez featuring the Global Messengers - Crisálida (Mack Avenue)

Though most famous for his decades as the pianist for the recently-retired Wayne Shorter, Danilo Perez has his own thirty-year career as a leader since being recruited by Dizzy Gillespie for the United Nations Orchestra. Now a mentor himself, the Panamanian native creates his own international jazz ensemble the Global Messengers, pulling players from the Berklee Global Jazz Institute, which he founded, for the cosmopolitan statement Crisálida.

Danilo Pérez: Father of the Panama Jazz Festival

The Panama Jazz Festival, brainchild of irrepressible Panamanian pianist and educator Danilo Pérez and his wife, Patricia, celebrates its 19th edition Jan. 10–19. Approximately 150 events are scheduled to occur during the week, many with an ambitious educational component. Some large events have been scaled back — an outdoor performance that usually attracts about 25,000 people has been restricted to 10,000 via a registration process that requires proof of vaccination and observance of appropriate precautions. Acts unable to appear in person will be represented with pre-recorded videos made especially for the occasion, hence a hybrid format. Many participants connect with U.S. institutions such as Berklee College of Music, New England Conservatory and the New York Jazz Academy, but originate from all over the globe.

Hear the first track from a harmonious new album by pianist-composer Danilo Pérez

For the last dozen years, Danilo Pérez has balanced his busy career as a pianist and bandleader with a key institutional role, as founder and artistic director of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute. That program puts into practice some of the same ideals Pérez encountered during his formative tenure in Dizzy Gillespie's United Nation Orchestra.

Jazz Musician of the Day: Danilo Pérez

All About Jazz is celebrating Danilo Pérez's birthday today!. Grammy award winner Danilo Pérez is among the most influential and dynamic musicians of our time. In just over a decade, his distinctive blend of Pan-American jazz (covering the music of the Americas, folkloric and world music) has attracted critical acclaim and loyal audiences. Danilo’s abundant talents and joyous enthusiasm make his concerts both memorable and inspiring. Whether leading his own ensembles or touring with renowned jazz masters (Wayne Shorter, Roy Haynes, Steve Lacy), Danilo is making a decidedly fresh imprint on contemporary music, guided,... Read more.

Wayne Shorter, Kris Davis, Danilo Peréz Receive Doris Duke Awards

Saxophonist Wayne Shorter, pianist Kris Davis and pianist Danilo Peréz have each received the 2021 Doris Duke Artist Award, with a prize of $275,000 intended as an investment in their artistic potentials and a celebration of their ongoing contributions to jazz. The prize consists of $250,000 in completely unrestricted funding...

Doris Duke Artist Awards for Wayne Shorter, Kris Davis, and Danilo Pérez

Three jazz artists—saxophonist/composer Wayne Shorter and pianist/composers Kris Davis and Danilo Pérez—will receive 2021 Doris Duke Artist Awards. Sponsored by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the award comprises a grant of $275,000 to each artist, which the Foundation describes as “an investment in their artistic potential and celebration of their ongoing contributions in their respective contemporary fields.” The grant, which is the largest to be given to individual artists in the United States, includes $225,000 in unrestricted funding, $25,000 in audience development funds, and $25,000 for artists to save toward later stages of their career.

Kris Davis and Danilo Pérez Receive Doris Duke Artist Awards

The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation has announced the names of this year's Doris Duke Artists, an honor that comes with an award of $275,000 that is both investment in and celebration of the artists’ ongoing contributions to the fields of dance, jazz, and theater. Of the seven artists presented with awards, two are current Berklee faculty and one is an honorary doctorate recipient.