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Danielle Fishel reveals ‘Boy Meets World’ creator threatened to fire her

Danielle Fishel revealed that the creator of “Boy Meets World,” Michael Jacobs, threatened to fire her on her first day. The actress – who played Topanga Lawrence on the show – recalled her first rehearsal on the most recent episode of her podcast, “Pod Meets World.” Fishel, who described her 12-year-old self as “bubbly, fast-talking [and] spunky,” said she found it “very hard to speak slowly” and this seemingly annoyed Jacobs. She recounted that at the end of rehearsals, Jacobs gave her some pretty harsh feedback and even threatened to fire her. She told her co-hosts and former castmates, Rider Strong and Will Friedle,...
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Danielle Fishel Was Almost Fired From Boy Meets World And The Story Is So Sad

Danielle Fishel recently shared a heartbreaking story about her first day on the Boy Meets World set, and how she almost lost her role in the series altogether. For seven seasons of the 1990s classic sitcom Boy Meets World — and three seasons of its reboot series Girl Meets World — Fishel was known to fans as her iconic character Topanga. But, she was nearly fired from the role on her first day when she was 12 years old after the show’s creator Michael Jacobs gave her some harsh feedback.

Danielle Fishel Recalls ‘Boy Meets World’ Creator Michael Jacobs Humiliating Her On Set, Threatening to Fire Her at 12

Click here to read the full article. Danielle Fishel’s first day as Topanga Lawrence was almost her last. During a recent episode of the “Pod Meets World” podcast, hosts Fishel, Rider Strong and Will Friedle, were joined by director David Trainer to look back on “Boy Meets World.” After Fishel first auditioned for the role on the ABC sitcom, she never received a callback. However, when the original actor didn’t work out, Trainer asked Fishel to read for the part again. Fishel received the call on a Friday night that she got the part and had to be on set on Monday...

Boy Meets World Vet Danielle Fishel Reflects On Her First Kiss Being Ben Savage, And How It Happened In Front Of Her Grandparents

For many a younger TV viewer in the 1990s, few on-screen relationships were worthy of the envy earned by Cory and Topanga on Boy Meets World. The friends-turned-spouses were downright adorbs during their TGIF evolution, obviously more so because of Danielle Fishel than Ben Savage. (Teehee.) That relationship, which continued on in the now-cancelled Disney Channel spinoff Girl Meets World, was first seeded in the sitcom’s fourth episode, in which Topanga and Cory shared a first kiss that just so happened to also be the respective actors’ first kisses.. And according to Fishel, it wasn’t exactly the most comfortable show of affection.