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Daniel Rossen, 'Shadow in the Frame'

There's an awe to be found in slow collapse, anxious as the experience may be. That duality runs throughout Daniel Rossen's "Shadow in the Frame," where he creates a majestic image of environmental decay. Rossen observes the state of his southwestern landscape, a long arc now rapidly changing as he turns to his young daughter, who can't grow up fast enough to see it as he does now. Their lifetimes are on different tracks. He stands at a point in time, knowing what she will eventually see: "But it's your fate / You will watch us flash and fade / And get torn apart / This place wild beyond control."
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Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen on going solo and self-criticism: ‘I don’t expect to have a good career anymore’

The notion of making your masterpiece while sequestered deep in the woods has been seducing artists since Henry David Thoreau in the 1850s, if not long before. Daniel Rossen, a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with lauded indie band Grizzly Bear, wasn’t immune to it. When he and his wife had tired of Brooklyn a decade ago, they moved upstate in New York, and he hoped to capture in his nascent solo music the “impactful, unforgettable” connection to the land that he experienced there. He released the lovely, haunted Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP in 2012. Then, nothing. The longer he stayed there, the more distanced from his work he became.
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Daniel Rossen

As a longtime member and co-lead vocalist of Grizzly Bear, it’s a bit of a shock to find that Daniel Rossen is arrestingly humble. Though, given his life trajectory, perhaps it makes sense. He left Brooklyn nearly a decade ago for rural Upstate New York. Later on, he and his wife moved to New Mexico. It feels like Rossen’s rustic surroundings are embedded into his being. He’s soft-spoken and has the sense of someone who cherishes small pleasures—like the cool air after a storm, or the silence of a corner room. In conversation, it’s hard to detect the scent of a musician who’s toured the world several times over.

Daniel Rossen Splits Into Three in Lonely ‘Shadow in the Frame’ Video

Click here to read the full article. Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen is joined by two copies of himself for a lonely performance in the video for his latest solo single “Shadow in the Frame.” The song will appear on the singer and guitarist’s debut solo album You Belong There, out April 8. Directed by Luke Bern Carr, the video draws inspiration from the satirical 1971 television special The Music of Nilsson, which stars Harry Nilsson and multiple iterations of himself who manifest to harmonize with him at the piano. “It’s a ridiculous and also kind of lonely performance,” Rossen shared in a...

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