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Daniel Ricciardo | Formula 1 2021 | Monaco Grand Prix Helmet | Print

This print showcases Daniel Ricciardo’s one-off helmet design for the 2021 Monaco GP and is perfect for any fan of the McLaren Formula 1 racing driver. This print has been digitally illustrated from scratch and would look great in your home, office or garage or it could make the perfect gift for the F1 fan in your life.
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Jarrod Partridge

Daniel Ricciardo Goes Back To Basics Before Baku

Daniel Ricciardo has gone back to basics – spending hours and hours in the simulator – as he looks to put a disappointing result in Monaco in his rearview mirror in Baku. On his way to a “miserable” P12, Ricciardo, who won the 2018 Monaco race, had even been lapped by Lando Norris.
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Jarrod Partridge

Daniel Ricciardo Never Close To Ferrari Move

It has emerged that Daniel Ricciardo had contract discussions with Ferrari but that these were never serious enough to discuss financial numbers or contract terms. Previously with Red Bull, Ricciardo switched to Renault in 2019, and then to McLaren at the start of 2021 after spending the previous two seasons with the French outfit.

Why Daniel Ricciardo must retrain his brain to get the best from McLaren — MPH

One of the most mystifying aspects of the season to date is just what a struggle Daniel Ricciardo is having at his new berth of McLaren. Last week in Monaco – where he went out in Q2, almost a second slower than team-mate Lando Norris, who qualified fifth and who lapped him in the race – was the furthest off he has been all year.

Daniel Ricciardo: 'The car is not doing everything I want'

Ninth place isn’t where Daniel Ricciardo wants to be finishing a Grand Prix, especially on a day when his McLaren team-mate Lando Norris charges to a superb fifth. However in Portugal last weekend that humble result came as a boost to the Australian following a disastrous qualifying session that saw him fail to make it out of Q1 in 16th place. Given that only one driver who qualified ahead of him retired, Kimi Räikkönen, an overall gain of seven places was a respectable achievement.

Daniel Ricciardo Says That Lewis Hamilton 'Isn't The Only One That Could Win Races In That Car,' Calls F1 'Idiots'

Daniel Ricciardo is a good driver and also a bit of a smiling assassin. He’s got smiles but he’s also got takes. Some of those takes are in the latest issue of the British lifestyle magazine Square Mile, which profiled Ricciardo for no apparent reason except that he’s a fun interview. Here he is, for example, talking about Drive To Survive season two, which played up his rivalry with teammate Carlos Sainz.