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Pedro Sánchez demands that Daniel Ortega “play fair” and release the detained opponents | International

The head of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, has taken advantage of his visit to Costa Rica to comment on the crisis in Nicaragua. Sánchez has asked this Friday the president of that country, Daniel Ortega, to release the opponents detained in recent weeks, including four candidates for the presidency, in what has been a new repressive wave that clears the way to the third reelection of the ex-Sandinista guerrilla. Sánchez has spoken out about the elections, scheduled for November, and has told Ortega to “play fair” and guarantee a free and transparent electoral process.
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Nicaragua arrests potential challengers to President Daniel Ortega

MANAGUA, Nicaragua — Nicaragua’s National Police arrested two more potential challengers to President Daniel Ortega on Tuesday, the third and fourth opposition pre-candidates for the Nov. 7 elections detained in the past week. Félix Maradiaga was arrested after being called to the Attorney General’s Office to provide a statement. He...

Nicaragua Arrests Two More Possible Challengers to Daniel Ortega

Felix Maradiaga and Juan Sebastián Chamorro have been accused of terrorism and plotting against Nicaragua’s sovereignty and independence. They were held under a controversial new security law passed in December by Mr Ortega’s government. Two other opposition leaders have been arrested in recent days. The US branded Mr Ortega “a...
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The US labels Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega a “dictator”

“The international community has no choice but to treat him as such,” he said in a tweet in Spanish. .. The “arbitrary” arrest of a third opponent in Nicaragua shows that President Daniel Ortega is a “dictator,” said the Department of State from the United States. The arrest of Félix...
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Daniel Ortega takes a sledgehammer to the opposition

ALREADY BADLY damaged by President Daniel Ortega’s repression and manipulation, Nicaraguan democracy has just been administered another hammer blow. In the past week, Mr. Ortega’s police have arrested two prominent people who were planning to run against him in Nicaragua’s next presidential election, scheduled for Nov. 7. The first, Cristiana...

Did Daniel Ortega Just Kill Nicaragua’s Democracy?

Foreign Policy: “Nicaragua has been in the throes of Ortega’s dictatorial clampdown since a citizen uprising against him in April 2018, when hundreds of people were killed and thousands of people were injured, making it the worst wave of political violence in Latin America in three decades. More than 100 political prisoners still languish in Nicaragua.”
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The US urges Daniel Ortega to release Cristiana Chamorro

The US urges Daniel Ortega to release Cristiana Chamorro. The US government on Friday urged Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega to “immediately release” opposition journalist and presidential candidate Cristiana Chamorro, under house arrest for alleged money laundering. In a statement issued in Washington, the State Department also requested the release of...

Another 5 Years for Daniel Ortega?

“Whoever does not defend Nicaragua and asks for sanctions against Nicaragua, he does not deserve to call himself Nicaraguan. He has already lost his rights to run for public office.”. WHY IT’S NOT DEMOCRATIC. President Daniel Ortega’s Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) controls the legislature, judiciary and much of the...