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5 Marvel Characters Daniel Craig Would Be Perfect To Play

Because playing 007 in the last five James Bond movies is what ultimately turned Daniel Craig into a household name, the iconic MI-6 agent will forever be the role that he is best remembered for (if not Benoit Blanc in 2019’s Knives Out and its upcoming sequel on Netflix). However, recent rumors have claimed that the British actor was originally slated to appear in the newest of the Marvel movies, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as — SPOILER WARNING — Illuminati leader Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. While audiences were still happy to see former The Office cast member John Krasinski stretching his legs as the physicist-turned-superhero in the finished film, this new alleged information does beg the question, is Craig still destined for a part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
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Hugh Jackman Shared A Throwback Broadway Photo With 007 Actor Daniel Craig, And Time Has Flown

Actor Hugh Jackman is a man of many talents, with a long and wildly successful career that has included both film and theater. The Wolverine actor is currently back on Broadway in the revival of The Music Man, and he’s not the only Hollywood A-lister who is leading a show on the Great White Way. Daniel Craig is also on Broadway in Macbeth, and Jackman recently shared a throwback photo with 007. And wow, time has really flown by.
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Daniel Craig Almost Made a Cameo Appearance in Doctor Strange 2

WARNING: This article contains spoilers about the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Read at your own risk!. A lot of fans were delighted when John Kransinki showed up in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as Reed Richards, a member of the Illuminati in Earth-838. The actor has been fan cast on the role for years as they want to see him play the character in the MCU. But as it turns out, he wasn't originally going to show up in the film.
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See What Daniel Craig Could Look Like As Mister Fantastic In The MCU

Spoilers ahead for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Phase Four of The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a wild journey so far, with the franchise greatly expanding thanks to world-changing entries on both TV and the last few Marvel movies. Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange 2 is definitely no exception, as it covered a wild and scary adventure throughout the multiverse. John Krasinski also debuted as Mister Fantastic in The Illuminati sequence, although there’s a rumor that Daniel Craig was also considered for the role. And now, thanks to some epic fan art, we can see what Craig would look like as Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four in the MCU.

Doctor Strange 2 reportedly originally had Daniel Craig playing *that* cameo

One of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness's major cameos was reportedly almost played by Daniel Craig. Major spoilers ahead!. In the Marvel movie, the MCU's version of the Illuminati is introduced. The secret superhero group consists of Hayley Atwell's Captain Carter, Lashana Lynch's Captain Marvel, Chiwetel Ejiofor's Mordo, Anson Mount's Black Bolt, Patrick Stewart's Professor X, and John Krasinski's Mr. Fantastic.

Daniel Craig Reportedly 1st Choice for Mister Fantastic Over Krasinski

Daniel Craig was reportedly choice #1 to play Mister Fantastic in the new 'Dr. Strange' movie, this over the eventual chosen one in John Krasinski ... also, spoiler alert ahead. The news comes from Deadline reporter Justin Kroll, who wrote ... "Fun fact, Krasinski wasn't the first choice, the actor...

Daniel Craig Was Originally Sought for Key Marvel Cameo in 'Dr. Strange 2'

If you haven't watched Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness yet, you're in rare company, and you're dangerously close to spoilers. Don't read further if you want to avoid any significant reveals, or, please do read forward if you're saving your money. For those who took in the Sam...
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Marvel Rumor Claims Daniel Craig Almost Joined The MCU In A Major Role

Major spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness lie ahead, so read at your own risk. I think it’s safe to say that when most movie lovers think of Daniel Craig, their minds almost instantly go to his work as 007. It makes sense, as the British actor did play James Bond for fifteen years, before closing out his era with the ending of No Time To Die. Craig has dabbled in a number of genres throughout his storied career, though superhero movies have still eluded him up to this point. Interestingly enough though, a massive new rumor claims that he was set to play a major Marvel Cinematic Universe role.

Daniel Craig Was Originally Set to Appear in Doctor Strange 2

The recently released Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness features a variety of cameos, including the introduction of The Illuminati, a group that has a long history in the world of Marvel Comics, but not so much in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the film, after Strange arrives in...

Daniel Craig was set to play Mister Fantastic in ‘Multiverse of Madness’

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness spoilers below. Deadline scooper Justin Kroll revealed on Twitter that Marvel Studios originally wanted Daniel Craig to play Reed Richards, aka Mister Fantastic in the film. “Fun fact, Krasinski wasn’t the first choice, the actor originally set to play the role was all...

Marvel Fan Art Imagines Daniel Craig as Doctor Strange 2's Mister Fantastic

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is wrapping up its second weekend at the box office, and audiences seem to be enjoying the new Marvel flick. Currently, the sequel is up on Rotten Tomatoes with a 74% critics score and an 86% audience score.'s Jenna Anderson gave the movie a 4 out of 5 and called it "an inventive, outrageous turning point for the MCU." Warning: Spoilers Ahead! The movie featured some big surprises including John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic, which was a longtime fan cast come to life. However, it was revealed this week that James Bond star Daniel Craig was originally supposed to play the role in the sequel, but had to back out due to COVID concerns. Naturally, this led to some big reactions on social media in addition to some fun fan art. In fact, BossLogic took to Instagram yesterday to show what Craig could have looked like in the role.