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Randy Orton: “God I Miss Daniel Bryan And Wish He Was Still Here”

During the latest episode of the Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin, WWE superstar Randy Orton spoke about his longevity in the WWE, having worked in the company since 2000 and just having turned 42 last week. Orton has already worked more televised matches in Monday Night RAW history...
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Erick Redbeard Refused To Cut His Beard When Teaming With Daniel Bryan In WWE

Erick Redbeard has had quite the journey in the world of professional wrestling. The former Erick Rowan was a recent guest on the Wrestlebuddy Podcast to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about being paired with Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) in WWE, Redbeard revealed that Vince McMahon wanted him to cut his beard for the storyline, but he was able to talk him out of it.

Daniel Bryan back to talk about WWE: "That's why I like their creative process"

One of the most sensational names who have started to tread the rings of the Khan family in the last year and that has given AEW fans, as well as those of the WWE a sensational emotion, appearing after years in a ring other than that of the WWE, it was Daniel Bryan, who has now obviously returned to be called Bryan Danielson, for the matter of the rights of the company's ring-name.

Could Daniel Bryan return to WWE?

One of the most sensational debuts of this 2021 within the All Elite Wrestling rings, was undoubtedly that of Daniel Bryan, once again called for the occasion, simply Bryan Danielson, his old ring name before landing in the ring of the McMahon family. After the equally sensational arrival in AEW...

Daniel Bryan reveals why he didn't retire from wrestling

In 2016, the news of former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan's retirement from the world of wrestling shocked all his fans. After his retirement from the ring, however, Danielson remained in WWE as General Manager of Smackdown, with a constant and stable presence on the show. During a recent interview with...

Daniel Bryan has never been considered a top guy by WWE

Daniel Bryan is undoubtedly remembered as one of the greatest wrestlers of recent years. He was the leader of the 'Yes' Movement and won the WWE Champion title four times as well as starring in the Wrestlemania 30 and Wrestlemania 37 Main Events respectively. During a recent episode of Wrestling...

Daniel Bryan still has a grudge against WWE

One of the most sensational blows that All Elite Wrestling has managed to give in the last period was to put Daniel Bryan under contract, now back to being Bryan Danielson, who has already entered into a feud with the fundamental pivot of the roster of the AEW: Kenny Omega.

Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) Reveals The REAL Reason WWE Forced Him To Retire In 2016

Daniel Bryan was forced to retire from in-ring competition in 2016, though he'd later return in 2018 as an active Superstar. He's talked about what led to that in the past, but now he's part of the AEW roster as the American Dragon Bryan Danielson, the former WWE Champion has revealed the role his ex-employers played in making him step away from the ring.

Daniel Bryan explains the difficulty of changing something in WWE

The last transition from WWE to AEW that literally shook the whole pro-wrestling world, after the return of CM Punk after seven years of absence from the discipline, was undoubtedly that of Daniel Bryan, who went back to being Bryan Danielson, that after months of rest at home, he has seen fit to sign a new agreement with the Khan family and not with the McMahons, for whom he has worked in recent years.

Daniel Bryan sends a beautiful message to WWE

One of the most sensational blows that WWE has had to suffer in recent months, was the exit requested by Daniel Bryan, at the end of his contract with the McMahons, with the now former Friday Night Smackdown talent, who after the end of his latest deal, he preferred not to renew with WWE, spending only a few weeks in the ring of a rival company, AEW.

Daniel Bryan sends message to WWE: Thank You

Before one of the biggest nights in AEW history, Brian Danielson took to The Players’ Tribune to thank WWE. ‘Tomorrow night feels like the biggest match of my career. In a lot of ways it doesn’t seem real. It’s against a dream opponent in Kenny Omega, who I’ve watched grow and become one of the best wrestlers in the world over the last several years. It’s taking place in a dream setting, the first wrestling show at Arthur Ashe Stadium. It’s happening in a groundbreaking promotion — AEW, a company that’s modernizing wrestling and giving fans their first true alternative in a long time. And it’s my first match outside of WWE in over 10 years. It feels like a brand new chapter. I couldn’t be more excited. What a world!

What is the relationship between Daniel Bryan and Vince McMahon?

One of the biggest regrets that the WWE Chairman could probably have at the moment is that he missed one of the greatest talents on his roster: Daniel Bryan, after seeing his debut in the AEW rings in recent days. After a period of absence that lasted a few months, after his last fight against Roman Reigns on Friday Night Smackdown, Daniel Bryan, who has now become Bryan Danielson in the federation of the Khan family, has preferred to expire the contract that linked him to the WWE, not deliberately renewing it.

WWE offered a similar deal as AEW to Daniel Bryan

In recent weeks, All Elite Wrestling has surprised most fans of this business by triggering a series of 'ninety hits' and buying superstars of great caliber. After the comeback of a fan-favorite superstar like CM Punk in the wrestling world, the All Out event proved to be one of the best of the year not only for the level of fight offered in the ring but also for what happened at the end of the show starring Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson, aka Daniel Bryan, made their federation debut under Tony Khan.

Former WWE Star Daniel Bryan Reveals Why He Left For AEW

After months of rumors following the expiration of his contract, WWE legend Daniel Bryan made a return to the squared circle last night, only it wasn’t for his longtime employer. Wrestling under his real name Bryan Danielson, the Yes legend showed up at the AEW All Out pay-per-view and thrilled fans, prompting plenty of Twitter chatter about how WWE has its first real competitor since WCW went bust. After the show, Danielson talked candidly about how he ended up in AEW.
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Former WWE Superstars Adam Cole, Daniel Bryan Make Shocking AEW Debut At 'All Out'

Former NXT champion Adam Cole and WWE champion Daniel Bryan made their shocking debut at the conclusion of AEW All Out 2021 Sunday. The surprises keep coming for wrestling fans as both men have been heavily rumored to be joining the new promotion after their contracts with the WWE expired.

Daniel Bryan Makes His AEW Debut at All Out

CM Punk delivered one of wrestling's biggest moments during AEW Rampage's The First Dance, returning to wrestling 7 years after leaving WWE. Thing is Punk has teased several times that there is another big former WWE superstar heading to AEW in the form of Bryan Danielson, aka Daniel Bryan, and the hype has reached critical levels. Fans weren't sure how or when he would make his appearance, but they were hoping it would happen at some point, and they thankfully got their wish. After Kenny Omega defeated Christian Cage, the Elite ganged up on Cage, and while. some help came out, it wasn't enough. Then Adam Cole came out, and turned on them, but then Daniel Bryan came out.