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Netflix reveals first look at All Quiet on the Western Front starring Daniel Brühl

Netflix has released the first look at its upcoming German-language adaptation of All Quiet on the Western Front. The new behind the scenes shots are dramatic black and white images, which show a soldier in a trench littered with bodies. The new adaptation, starring The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's Daniel Brühl, is set to be one of the biggest budget movies to ever come out of Germany.
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Five Reasons Why Daniel Brühl’s Baron Zemo Needs to Return to the MCU

Marvel Studios’ latest television show, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, brought with it six episodes full of intense action, emotional moments, and a handful of repercussions for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Led by Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, the series explored Sam Wilson’s journey to becoming Captain America and Bucky Barnes’ road to recovery from his wrongdoings as the Winter Soldier, while also introducing a few new problems to their world and revisiting some familiar faces. Amongst those returning to the MCU for another go was Daniel Brühl, who reprised his role as Helmut Zemo.
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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Daniel Bruhl Reacts to Zemo’s Ending

The final episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ended with a new beginning for Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and left us with some big questions about the show's villains. Fans were especially excited to see the return of Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) who was last seen as the big bad of Captain America: Civil War. The character's charm and dancing skills made him a fan favorite of the Disney+ series, and everyone can't wait to see what he does next. In last week's episode, the Dora Milaje took him from Bucky and the finale showed him back in prison in The Raft facility. Brühl took to Instagram today to comment on his character's fate.

Daniel Bruhl Reacts To Zemo’s Ending On ‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier finale episode had a lot going on – and if you haven’t watched it, obviously, there are major spoilers that follow. If you’re still here, you know that we saw the end (for now) of Daniel Bruhl’s Baron Zemo character. The finale revealed that he’s in prison – and likely will be for the foreseeable future. Then again, nothing is ever set in stone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, though, Bruhl had a pretty funny reaction to the events that happened in the finale.

Beyond Baron Zemo: Exploring the Work of Daniel Brühl

In 2016, a new live-action twist on a familiar Marvel Comics villain was introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe — Helmut Zemo, portrayed by Daniel Brühl. Zemo ultimately tore the Avengers apart in Captain America: Civil War as he orchestrated a disastrous and deadly revenge plot for his family that unfortunately died in Sokovia during Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Watch This: ‘Rush’ Starring Daniel Brühl and Chris Hemsworth Lands on Netflix

Back in 2013, a biographical sports film directed by Ron Howard and written by Peter Morgan landed in theaters. Rush follows the story of the intense rivalry between two Formula One drivers, Niki Lauda and James Hunt — portrayed by Daniel Brühl (The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, The Alienist) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor, Snow White and the Huntsman), respectively.
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‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’: Daniel Brühl reveals the true goal of Zemo’s dance

Daniel Brühl, In statements to eCartelera during an interview he gave us recently, he was more than happy with the success of Zemo’s dance, a villain who has returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as someone else. “They offered me to do something very different with the character and that has made me very excited. At the level of sense of humor there was no time in ‘Civil War’, so I loved the idea, that attitude of Zemo in the scripts of the series“says Brühl of his character in ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’.
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Falcon and Winter Soldier Star Daniel Bruhl Reveals Secret Motivation Behind Zemo Dance Moves

Daniel Bruhl revealed that there’s a secret character motivation for Zemo’s slick dance moves in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, the actor explained that busting out that fist pump and deliberate groove is meant to keep Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes off of his trail. Fans seem to forget that the Baron is technically still a prisoner during the series. (Despite him being in the wind at the time of writing.) But, yes, he’s supposed to be under control, and every time the heroes lose sight of him for just a second, it proves to be disastrous. Zemo has assassinated the doctor responsible for resurrecting the Super Soldier Serum, destroyed almost all the vials, and came just close enough to killing some of the Flag Smashers. So, he’s going to need to lay low for the rest of the series if he wants to remain a free man. Check out Bruhl’s explanation here:
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Daniel Brühl is Grateful to Marvel Studios for Keeping Zemo's Viral Dance Scene

Socially awkward straightedge fraud. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier surprised a lot of fans by portraying Helmut Zemo as a more grounded and laid back character and this side of the Captain America: Civil War villain previously unbeknownst to a lot of fans instantly became a crowd-pleaser. Zemo would even become a hot topic on social media after his brief dance sequence in Episode 3 which later resulted in Marvel Studios releasing an hour-long cut of Zemo just vibing.
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Daniel Brühl and Emily VanCamp Talk ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ on BBC Radio 5 Live’s ‘Must Watch’ Podcast

On a weekly basis, BBC Radio 5 Live’s podcast Must Watch brings listeners a guide to the best (and worst) in new TV and streaming shows with hosts Scott Bryan, Hayley Campbell, and Nihal Arthanayake. Today’s episode includes reviews of BBC One’s I Can See Your Voice and Sky’s Wellington Paranormal, as well as two very special guests from Marvel’s hit new series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier — Daniel Brühl and Emily VanCamp, who portray Helmut Zemo and Sharon Carter, respectively.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Daniel Brühl reveals his favorite Avenger – Tomatazos

Now that Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97% is airing on Disney Plus, Marvel fans have witnessed the ordinary life of Sam and Bucky, played by Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan respectively; but they have also encountered a world full of sequels since what happened in Captain America: Civil War – — 95%, where a group of young radicals are committing terrorist acts trying to keep their own people safe.
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‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’: Daniel Brühl Used to Play Dead to Scare His Mom

Daniel Brühl currently appears in The Falcon and the Winter Solider as Helmut Zemo. Brühl originally played the character in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. Since The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premiered on Disney+, Brühl has stolen the show with his character’s wit and dance moves, making Zemo a surprising fan-favorite character. Before becoming an actor, Brühl got attention by pretending to be dead as a way to scare his mother.