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Dane Cook brings 30 years of comedy and tragedy back home

Whenever Dane Cook makes his way back to Boston, it’s obviously a special occasion. But now, with a chunk of material he’s been saving until he was able to come back home, to say he’s been chomping at the bit to make his return for this special engagement is an understatement.
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Bob Saget’s Here For You podcast releases its final episode with Dane Cook

Turns out Margaret Cho wasn't Bob Saget's final interview. On Monday the late Saget's podcast released a new episode with an introduction from Bill Burr, confirming this was the late actor and comedian Saget's final podcast. “I would love for people to watch and have some laughs and maybe a few tears,” said Cook in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “And at some point, I hope they can find it in their heart to show Bob and his family some love by donating to the Scleroderma Research Foundation. I would like to say thank you to All Things Comedy for putting this final episode out for everyone to enjoy.” ALSO: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen joined big-name comedians for a "punk rock shiva" for Saget Sunday at The Comedy Store.
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Dane Cook Reflects on Being Bob Saget’s Final ‘Here For You’ Podcast Guest and Their Friendship

It is a bittersweet moment for Dane Cook. On Monday, a new episode of Bob Saget’s Here For You was published. Sadly, It marks the end of the podcast, Cook being the final interview before the beloved Saget’s untimely death earlier this month. Launched in 2020, Bob Saget’s Here For You featured chats with fellow comics and actors, nearly all of them close pals. And, naturally, a lot of laughs.More from The Hollywood ReporterJohn Stamos, John Mayer, Chris Rock and Jim Carrey Take Stage at Bob Saget Tribute at Comedy StoreJohn Stamos Remembers Last Time Seeing Bob Saget: "He Was at...
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Comedy comeback delayed: Arlington's Dane Cook postpones two Boston shows

Halloween weekend was supposed to be a laugh-filled homecoming for Arlington native Dane Cook. The comedian was set to bring his standup show to Boston's Wang Theatre for a two-night run to record his new comedy special. Those shows have been canceled and Cook has rescheduled to just one performance on April 23, 2022.

Dane Cook: I had a "huge, huge breakdown" the day I auditioned for SNL as a potential Adam Sandler replacement

"So Saturday Night Live was scouting for a couple of new cast members, but I knew that after Sandler left, they specifically wanted someone young, white, energetic," Cook says on The Last Laugh podcast. "And I played guitar. And they called me up, with my manager, and they were like, 'We love you. We think you bring the right—college, the whole thing, just the right package.' And so all I had to do was go in front of Lorne Michaels. I actually did some impersonations. I never did them on stage, but I could kind of get people down. Who did I do? I did Christian Slater. I think I slicked my hair back, kind of held my eyebrows up. But really more than anything, it was just the energy and that unbridled thing that I brought to the stage. Well, I had a huge, huge breakdown outside of Rockefeller Plaza. And I sat on a bench. I couldn’t breathe. I’ve only had in my life, fortunately, a few really bad, catatonic state-level panic attacks—incapacitated—and this was just about there sitting on that bench. The reason I couldn’t do it is because I knew I’d get it. I knew what they were telling me. And I felt like I would be fine as long as there wasn’t what I also understood, which was the politics of working there. And I had a couple of friends that were on the show, so I knew it could be cutthroat. I was not a confrontational person. I was not a person who could fight for my opinion. I was really scared a lot. And I was like, I’m not ready for that. I can’t do that. I can’t fight. And I called my manager and said, “I’m not going in.” And man, I disappointed a lot of people that day. I really disappointed myself. And then there were a lot of years on the road when I’d see (Jimmy) Fallon. Because Fallon got it."

Dane Cook Joins Toucher & Rich // The Stack- 10/6 (Hour 4)

(00:00) Comedian Dane Cook joins Toucher & Rich to promote his shows at the Wang Theater. (24:06) More details emerging as the Patriots plan to release Stephon Gilmore. Watch Toucher & Rich every morning on Twitch! Watch them live or whenever you want:

Surprise! Dane Cook Has a New Comedy Special Coming Out

I remember first watching Dane Cook's half-hour Comedy Central special when I was 14 years old and was taken aback by how much confidence and enthusiasm he exuded on stage. The energy he was giving off reminded me of a young Jim Carrey, who was a clear influence on the up-and-coming comedian.

Arlington Native and Comedian Dane Cook on Morning MAGIC

Dane Cook was on with David, Sue and Kendra talking about his upcoming show at the BOCH CENTER THIS OCTOBER but he also mentioned that when he worked with TV Icon Betty White, she shared with him, a trick for remembering lines while working on The Golden Girls. Here's a hint, it involves a coffee mug and tea bags. Pretty amazing story....

Dane Cook announces two nights at Wang Theatre for stand-up special

After two years away, the Dane Train is officially making its way back to the station in the fall. As announced on Monday (August 9), Dane Cook returns to Boston for a two-show run at The Boch Center’s Wang Theatre, set to take place on Friday, October 29 and Saturday, October 30. The shows will mark Cook’s return to Tremont Street and his first set of appearances in Boston since 2019, when he brought his Tell It Like It Is tour to the Wang.

Whatever Happened to Dane Cook?

The simple answer to what happened to Dane Cook is that he fell into that roving hole known as ‘obscurity’ and has been attempting to climb his way back out of it for years now. How much a person really cares about Cook and his career varies since some people find the comedian genuinely funny, while others could never hear from him again and be just fine. But as of now, it does sound as though Cook has been attempting a comeback since back in 2019 he did go on tour, and it’s likely that he’s been attempting to keep things moving forward in his own way. The only problem this: he’s no longer as edgy as he used to be and even if he managed to regain that edge somehow, people aren’t buying into it any longer. When he first started his career, Cook was the kind of guy that you might want to hang out with if you could handle his strange, manic energy and understand that at some point that you might be the target of his jokes, no matter if you were on good terms or not.

Bryan Adams, Dane Cook, Alanis Morissette onsale in Vegas reopening

The Vegas entertainment scene is feeling a lot like one of those “cash grab” machines, with money flying around a wind tunnel while you try to catch as much money as you can. We’ve got fists full of information on scheduling, updates and assorted haps from the past several days.
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Dane Cook Credits Swimming Workouts for Getting Fit in New Transformation Photo

Dane Cook has enjoyed an impressively chameleon-like run as an actor and comedian in his nearly 30 years of doing comedy. In a recent Instagram post, Cook looked back at just a handful of the myriad roles he's played over that timespan, which have included everything from a break-up artist in Good Luck Chuck to an irreverent restaurant chef in Waiting.