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Dana Perino on Democrats continuing to push unpopular issues: The left is 'eating itself alive'

Fox News co-host Dana Perino slammed leading Democrats on "The Five" Monday for continuing to push a woke agenda and unpopular issues that do not seem to resonate with voters. DANA PERINO: The left is eating itself alive and people like Van Jones and Hillary [Clinton] are trying to tell them that, but one of the funniest anecdotes about ‘latinx’ is that last week, there's a Democrat of New York, Ritchie Torres, congressman, and he said "nobody actually uses the phrase." But then people pointed out that his Twitter account had used it several times. And that's why your young staff should not do your Twitter account.
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Dana Perino: We're all living with the consequences of Biden's policies

Who knew that I could stay up later than most children in America? It's true. I can. It's fun to see exclamation points everywhere around this set. They’re on the posters, on the name and also on the "Please Laugh" signs. I didn't know that he had those, but that actually probably helps the show a little bit. The set staff was pleased because Greg and I share the same size booster seat and the same size shoes.

At 50, Fox News star Dana Perino still jumps ‘out of bed’ to go to work

Fox News host Dana Perino turned 50 on May 9, and she’s still excited to get in front of the cameras every day. The face of “The Five” and “America’s Newsroom,” who was previously President George W. Bush’s White House press secretary, told Page Six exclusively that she did “tons of reflection” on her life and career as she approached the milestone birthday.