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Missouri State Rep. Dan Shaul Backs Tegna Deal

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.—In a letter to the FCC, Missouri State representative Dan Shaul has come out in favor of Standard General’s acquisition of Tegna, which owns a local station KSDK in Shaul’s Missouri House of Representatives District 113. “I write to support Standard General's acquisition of Tegna...
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Dan Shaul talks State Senate race

(Jefferson County) In a little over two months, voters in the 22nd District of the State Senate will take the first step in terms of deciding on a new senator. Current State Representative Dan Shaul is one of four people running for the Republican nomination in the August Primary. Shaul has been in the Missouri House for eight years in the 113th District. Shaul says he feels he’s ready to take the big leap.
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State Rep. Dan Shaul on Voter ID bill

(Jefferson City) Later this year, it will be likely that all voters will have to have a photo ID to take part in future elections. State Representative Dan Shaul of Imperial serves as the chair for Elections and Elected Officials. He says it was very important to move this piece of legislation along after a few roadblocks stopped it from getting through in 2021.
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State Rep. Dan Shaul on Congressional Redistricting Map and the Senate

(Jefferson City) State Representative Dan Shaul of Imperial just finished his final Legislative session as a member of the House. Shaul filed legislation for the new Congressional Map back in early January, and after moving on to the state senate, it was debated, filibustered, and tweaked for months before being agreed upon. The bill was signed by Governor Mike Parson on Wednesday. Shaul says with the help of Speaker Rob Vescovo of Arnold, they were able to accomplish one of the goals with district lines.

YOUR LETTERS: Dan Shaul renews attacks on Unemployment Insurance

One of the most anti-labor legislators in Jefferson City, Representative Dan Shaul (R-Jefferson County) is once again going after the lifeline that keeps the rent paid, and food on the table when workers are laid off. Shaul’s HB 1909 would cut eligibility for Unemployment Insurance to as little as eight weeks (currently it’s 20 weeks).

Dan Shaul on House Bill 1906

(Jefferson City) State Representative Dan Shaul of Imperial filed House Bill 1906 earlier this month. Shaul says this bill would call for an audit of the Missouri Department of Transportation. He says one of the reasons this is a part of the bill is to be sure MODOT is spending its funds wisely now that the gas tax is in effect.