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Imagine Dragons Wish Dan Reynolds Happy Birthday With Funny Photo Gallery

"Happy Birthday Mr. Dan Reynolds. We are so very grateful you were born. The world would be less without your indomitable spirit in it," his bandmates wrote alongside stills from their "Follow You" music video. "You’ve touched the lives of so many people with your melodies and words - a message of self-love, compassion, forgiveness and hope. It’s been an honor to share that message along side you. Your appetite for life inspires us. May you live to be 200!"
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Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds set to release his own video game

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds has revealed that he has been developing a multiplayer PC game – and is hoping it will be completed this year. Speaking to gaming magazine Level One in a new interview, Reynolds discussed his lifetime love of video games, as well as the game he’s been working on for the past year with his brother and manager, Mac.
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Dan Reynolds Hints At Imagine Dragons Tour While Serenading His Daughters

An Imagine Dragons tour may be on the horizon. On Friday (May 7), singer Dan Reynolds shared an adorable Instagram video where he's serenading his 4-year-old twin daughters Coco and Gia with an acoustic rendition of "Follow You." The trio are seated on the couch and Gia intermittently rocks out while Coco sucks on a fruit and veggie pouch, unphased (oh to be the kids of a rockstar).

From Cradle to Stage Review: Christene and Dan Reynolds

Parents, mothers in this instance, will usually have a tendency to protect their children from what they perceive as a bad decision and will endeavor to teach their kids to follow the type of path that will lead them to success and to a happy, fulfilling life, but there are times when it can’t be helped when a parent has to simply support even if they worry about their child. When it comes to musicians and their mothers, Dave Grohl’s mother, Virginia, and many others know quite a bit about this subject, and they know the uncertainty and the fear that went into the decision to support their kids when it was announced that their child wanted to become a musician. This six-part series kicks off first with Grohl and Dan Reynolds, the frontman of the band known as Imagine Dragons. Learning about Dan’s upbringing was more than a little interesting since those that watched the episode on Paramount+ will have learned that Dan grew up in a Mormon household and was 1 of 9 kids, which is a pretty big family no matter who you are. The tour of his home and the fact that the basement was where he and his siblings all grew up learning how to be musically-inclined was pretty fun to hear about, though one has to kind of grin at the idea that kids who play the piano are thought to be more intelligent. They’re more skilled and have a useful and enviable skill set, there’s no doubt about that. But by the time he was a pre-teen apparently Dan knew that he wanted a career in music, which is amazing since a lot of us can probably admit that we didn’t really know what we wanted to do during our high school years, much less when we were younger. But according to his parents and siblings, Dan was hooked on music and didn’t want to do anything else.

First impressions: Best debuts (with special guest Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons) – History of Alternative Podcast

In the world of alternative music, what’s new and what’s next are every bit as important as what’s come before and paved the way. But every artist starts somewhere…. This week’s discussion of best alternative debuts includes a chat with Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, who joins the show to talk about the band’s debut, “Night Visions.” Also discussed in this episode: Liz Phair, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, The Strokes, Arcade Fire, Sugarcubes, DEVO, Arcade Fire and more.