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Dan Meuser: Biden’s policies have been an economic disaster

Tired of ads? Subscribers enjoy a distraction-free reading experience. Joe Biden’s editorial in The Wall Street Journal on his latest plans to tame escalating inflation passes the buck once again when Americans are desperately trying to hold on to their own money. Their costs for driving to work, feeding their families, housing and utilities are under unimaginable strain, thanks to Biden’s previous disastrous policies.

Congressman Dan Meuser visits 5 small businesses in downtown Lebanon

Congressman Dan Meuser (R-9) visited five businesses in downtown Lebanon Thursday, April 21. Meuser was joined on his tour by Mayor Sherry Capello, Lebanon County Commissioner Michael Kuhn, Senator Chris Gebhard, and Lebanon Chamber Board Chairman-elect Trevor Williams. They visited Mamajuana Restaurant and Lounge, Snitz Creek Brewery, the Red Headed...

US Congressman Dan Meuser Issues Video About Pres. Biden SOTU

WASHINGTON DC – US Congressman Dan Meuser (R-9th, Dallas, Pa.) has weighed in on the State of the Union address of President Joe Biden. ““I, like you, was disappointed in President Biden’s speech last night. What was supposed to be a State of the Union address was a State of Denial.”

Congressman Dan Meuser Responds to Remarks Made by President Joe Biden in Reference to Republicans

On Wednesday, Congressman Dan Meuser offered an open letter to President Joe Biden about recent remarks he made in reference to Republicans. --------------------------------------------------------------- Mr. President, you recentlysaid, “As Democrats, we know what we’re for, while Republicans don’t seem to be for anything.” I’d like to respond.
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U.S. Rep. Dan Meuser gets in touch with Main Street during visit to Kutztown

Members of Congress spend a lot of time in Washington. That’s where they legislate, where they meet in committees and with party leadership. It’s where they interact with lobbyists, it’s where they hold press conferences to talk about the latest hotly debated bills. But Capitol Hill isn’t their whole world.
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Rep. Dan Meuser visits small businesses in Hamburg

HAMBURG, Pa. - Congressman Dan Meuser is getting a look at how small businesses in Hamburg are holding up. Meuser stopped by several shops and restaurants in downtown Hamburg Friday afternoon. Hamburg's mayor joined him. Meuser says he's asking business owners what they need from Washington. He serves the ninth...

Dan Meuser: Crisis at border must be dealt with … immediately

Tired of ads? Subscribers enjoy a distraction-free reading experience. President Biden’s disastrous decisions are directly to blame for the crisis we are seeing at our southern border. Customs and Border Patrol is experiencing a historic surge of migrants from South America, Central America, and Haiti who see an open door at the U.S. border. They know Joe Biden’s policies will protect them after entering the United States illegally.