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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Dan Feuerriegel

There aren’t many opportunities for DAYS’ Dan Feuerriegel to really let loose, to really plumb the depths of his alter-ego’s psyche given that he plays the normally unflappable EJ DiMera, a man who’s seen and done it all at least once in his lifetime — but losing a loved one has a funny way of making one take stock. A little introspection is good for the soul…as is a nip or two of brandy and little destruction of property.
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Character Vs. Actor: Dan Feuerriegel

Who’s the better dresser? “EJ, overall, is a better dresser. He wears fantastic suits and is consistent with it, whereas I think I’m the better dresser on select occasions. Most of the time I’m just wearing shorts and a tank top.”. Who’s more fun at parties?...
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As Days of Our Lives’ Martha Madison Braces Dan Feuerriegel to Face the Full ‘Wrath of the EJami Fans,’ She Asks Only One Thing of the Haters

Spelling is important, so be sure to get it right!. Rule number one of soap fandom: Don’t mess with favorite couples. Rule number one of soap writing: Tear them apart as often as you can! Both of those rules have been followed to a “T” for Days of Our Lives’ EJ and Sami, but never quite in the way that’s happening right now!
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Days of Our Lives Fans Will Never Look at Their Faves the Same Way After Dan Feuerriegel Puts His Own Spin on ‘Ejami’ and ‘Ejole’

It turns out, the feuding supercouple camps can really get animated. Actor, DiMera heir… comic book creator? Actually, no, make that graphic novel creator. Those are, for those not in the know, the longer versions of comic books. The point is, Days of Our Lives‘ Dan Feuerriegel (EJ) does it all — and now he’s managed to pull all his roles together in the coolest way possible!
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Quick Take With Dan Feuerriegel

How’s it going so far? “It’s going really well. I’ve really warmed to the style of the show. I’ve really warmed to the character. I feel like I am the character whenever I step onto the set, which is very relieving and a lot of fun. I feel like I’m starting to have more fun with EJ than I did in the beginning, which is why I love doing this job.”

Soap Hub Performer of the Week for DAYS: Dan Feuerriegel

As of late, it’s been really, really easy to hate EJ DiMera. He’s smug, condescending, controlling, and dismissive. And yet, beneath the bluster, there’s obviously a wellspring of other emotions desperate to breakthrough; it’s as if big, bad EJ is merely posturing – an intriguing promise, made possible thanks entirely to the brilliant work of actor Dan Feuerriegel, the most recent recipient of Soap Hub’s Performer of the Week honors.

Days of Our Lives’ Dan Feuerriegel Explains EJ’s ‘Cheeky’ New Direction — Plus, Why the Character Could Be Looking Different in the Weeks to Come

The look and attitude of Salem’s recently returned DiMera is evolving. When EJ returned to Salem after seven years, he had a new look. That was inevitable due to the role being recast in the form of Dan Feuerriegel. But even since then, his appearance has slowly been evolving on Days of Our Lives, and it sounds like there are more alterations to come. And it’s not just the physical, as the actor hinted at changes already being made to the character.
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DAYS’s Dan Feuerriegel Guests On Digest’s Podcast

On the new Dishing With Digest, Dan Feurriegel traces his path to Salem, shares memories of his life in Australia and assuming the role of EJ and more. We also discuss the last storylines and cast changes.