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Dan Bongino: Why the media and the left are melting down over Elon Musk

Fox News host Dan Bongino blasted the Democrats' obsession with power through "owning history," Saturday night on 'Unfiltered.'. DAN BONGINO: There's a saying, "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Today, I'd like to add to that, as long as Democrats are hellbent on rewriting it, and oh they are. Information control – that's power. All the challenges facing this country right now, we've seen them before. We've beaten them. There's nothing new here. We could learn from our mistakes, though, because the examples are all around us of prior failures. Yet, Democrats are hellbent on isolating you from the truth by rewriting, condemning and censoring the truth.
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Dan Bongino warns the fight for free speech has just started, conservative censorship is 'all around us'

"Unfiltered" host Dan Bongino revealed the "sub-players" of big tech censorship Saturday, saying it's not just "the Twitters, the Facebooks, the YouTubes" — there's more. DAN BONGINO: Here are a few examples. First, what about Wikipedia? You really don't hear Wikipedia much, especially when it comes to the big tech censorship game. But don't doubt me on this. Wikipedia is becoming a powerful source for censorship and rewriting history, and they're just as influential in some cases as social media is.

Dan Bongino: FBI's reputation has been flushed down the drain

"Unfiltered" host Dan Bongino condemned the FBI following its failure to identify the NYC subway shooter ahead of the incident Wednesday on "Jesse Watters Primetime." DAN BONGINO: They have this thing in courts called Giglio material. So, if you're a federal agent or a police officer like I was, and you get caught lying on the stand, you're basically done. You have to resign because that material has to be exposed for every other case, and you'll never have credibility in front of a jury in the future, because it'll always be brought up. Now what does it have to do with this? Well I was thinking before doing this segment today. What happens when an entire agency basically gets Giglio'd and their credibility of the whole agency, even though there's probably some very decent people working there, gets flushed down the drain?

Dan Bongino: Biden, Democrats don’t care about Americans

"Unfiltered" host Dan Bongino joined "Fox & Friends Weekend" Saturday and argued that the Biden administration and the Democrat Party "never cared" about the American people. Bongino made these comments after the White House distributed cell phones to migrants to "track" them. DAN BONGINO: They never care. That's the joke...

Democrats are 'not serious' about fighting crime: Dan Bongino

"Unfiltered" host Dan Bongino ripped New York City Mayor Eric Adams for his stance on crime, calling for him to "stop the nonsense" as crime continues to surge in the Big Apple. Bongino joined "Fox & Friends" Monday to discuss the matter, arguing that Adams and other Democrats in New York are "not serious" about fighting crime since they have not chosen to use the ‘tools’ that are at their disposal.
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Dan Bongino shows how the left imposes censorship

"Unfiltered" host Dan Bongino revealed both how and why the left coordinates censorship in Saturday's opening monologue. DAN BONGINO: You ever notice how the liberal attack mob, they always seem coordinated and in sync with their messaging there? They always seem to march to the same drumbeat at the exact time they need to. Strange, right? … The reason they always appear coordinated is because they are. It's what one columnist in Tablet magazine called the "blue stack."

Dan Bongino: Messaging chaos from the left shows we're winning

Fox News host Dan Bongino told Jesse Watters that "we're winning" because of the "messaging chaos" coming from the left on Wednesday's "Jesse Watters Primetime." DAN BONGINO: You know, this is how you can always tell on the right, like chest-out, chin-up that we are winning. If we didn't win, we're winning. This is how I know the tide is turning. When the messaging chaos comes from the left, they're usually very organized. They think like the Borg from Star Trek, Jesse, when there's a message out there, you know, Kavanaugh did this or whatever … like a laser, they focus on it. When you see this messaging in chaos, it means the donor class is in the ear of every liberal activist, and politicians say that's not working … this isn't working … do this.