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Dan Bilzerian Shares His Opinions About ‘Natty Greek God’ Mike O’Hearn

Dan Bilzerian recently shared his thoughts on Actor, powerlifter, and bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn. At 52 years of age, Mike O’Hearn is in unbelievable shape and maintains an incredibly ripped physique all year round. Many of us find it hard to believe that someone can have a body like O’Hearn and maintain it in the later stages of life while being a hundred percent natural. However, O’Hearn claims to never have used steroids or any other substance to enhance and maintain his physique.

Dan Bilzerian About Transgender Athletes: “Competing Against Women Makes No F* Sense”

Professional Poker player and social media celebrity Dan Bilzerian is one of the most polarizing personalities on the internet. In a recent interview on the YouTube channel More Plates More Dates, Bilzerian touched on many sensitive topics like PED use, the inclusion of transgender athletes in sports and also shared his honest opinion on fitness role models like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Mike O’Hearn.

Dan Bilzerian Exits The Marijuana Business, Pivots To Tobacco, Plans Billion-Dollar Exit

The saga of Ignite, Instagram celebrity-turned conservative culture warrior Dan Bilzerian’s marijuana-adjacent lifestyle brand, took a few unexpected turns in 2021. A year removed from 2020—a rollercoaster year in which Ignite posted a $50 million loss, ventured into the legal adult-use cannabis market in Canada, and scored $1 million in free money from the federal government’s Payment Protection Plan—Ignite is now out of the marijuana game, as the company announced last month.

Dan Bilzerian says someone stole his $1m watch from his wrist during Alvarez fight

American poker player and businessman Dan Bilzerian alleged that somebody stole his $1m watch from his wrist during Saturday’s Canelo Alvarez boxing match. Bilzerian was wearing a Richard Mille watch, which has a whopping value of $950,000 and $1 million, to the Las Vegas fight. Amid the events that evening, he noticed that his high-value watch had disappeared from his wrist.

Dan Bilzerian Claims He Had $1 Million Watch Stolen at Canelo Alvarez Fight

Dan Bilzerian claims someone jacked his luxury timepiece right off his wrist during the Canelo Alvarez boxing match in Las Vegas ... and now the cops are involved. The playboy poker player tells TMZ ... he was wearing a Richard Mille watch, valued between $950k and $1 million, to the Canelo fight and at some point, he noticed it went missing from his wrist.

Dan Bilzerian will give you $50,000 if you help him find his $1m watch

Popular influencer and poker player Dan Bilzerian is offering a $50,000 reward to anyone who can find his very expensive watch that he claims was stolen right off his wrist. Dan Bilzerian is one of the biggest Instagram stars, frequently seen partying it up with models, sailing the seas on boats, and shooting plenty of guns.