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Dan Avidan Faces the Court of Public Opinion

Dan Avidan, co-host of YouTube channel GameGrumps, was accused recently of grooming underage fans. As more information has come to light, the black-and-white judgement that at first seemed easy to make has become more complicated. The muddy waters have me asking myself: as a fan of an online personality, when is it okay to question the story of an alleged survivor of their abuse?
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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dan Avidan

Dan Avidan has been been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade and during that time he has become well-known for a number of things. From music to acting and comedy, Dan has built a massive fan base that includes people all around the world. Although his persona is light-hearted and comical, Dan recently found himself at the center of some very serious allegations. Rumors began circulating that he ‘groomed one of his fans by trying to start a sexual relationship with her when he was underage. Dan has denied the allegations and insists that anything sexual involving him and his accuser took place when the woman was at least 22-years-old. Despite his comments, the internet is already buzzing and people are still looking for answers. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Dan Avidan.
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Game Grumps’ Dan Avidan responds to sexual misconduct allegations: ‘It’s simply untrue’

Game Grumps‘ Dan Avidan has responded to allegations of sexual misconduct, apologizing if his actions had “made anyone upset” but saying that the accusations are “simply untrue.” This follows the publication of a Reddit post allegedly containing video and text messages shared between Dan and a female fan, which subsequently saw the YouTube personality and Ninja Sex Party frontman accused of “grooming” the young fan.