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Jude Hill hails Dame Judi Dench as Belfast's biggest prankster

Dame Judi Dench was the biggest prankster on the set of 'Belfast'. The 87-year-old actress starred in the coming-of-age drama film alongside 11-year-old actor Jude Hill, and he's revealed that Judi loved playing pranks on the set. Speaking about the fun they had together, Jude told 'E! Live from the...

‘Belfast’ kid actor Jude Hill gambled with Dame Judi Dench on set

It’s not every 11-year-old who spends their days listening to dirty jokes from and making bets with Dame Judi Dench. But not every boy is Jude Hill, who play scene-stealing Buddy in the Oscar-nominated film “Belfast,” which follows a working-class family during the Troubles in the late 1960s. The schoolboy from a small village in County Down, Nothern Ireland, has won plaudits for his breakout role as a young version of Sir Kenneth Branagh, who directed the semi-biographical movie. “Jude and Judi used to do riddles together and I just remember him coming to the trailer with two pounds off Judy!” said Jude’s mother, Shauneen...

Dame Judi Dench Could Become The Oldest Actor To Win An Oscar

Known for her versatile work on stage and screen, 87-year-old acting legend Dame Judi Dench has accrued an impressive list of record-setting achievements. For instance, she became the oldest cover model for Vogue magazine in 2020, and she holds the Guinness World Record for the most Laurence Olivier Award nominations by any individual.