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Cynthia Watros Shares the Secret Behind Nina and Sonny’s Relationship!

Nina may be persona non grata with GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Sonny and Carly for her role in keeping “Mike” in Nixon Falls and away from his family in Port Charles. But don’t count her out just yet! Nina’s portrayer, Cynthia Watros, sat down with her GH leading man, Maurice Benard (Sonny), on his most recent State of Mind YouTube series, and the two Daytime Emmy winners chatted about the magic that is Nina and Mike — and what makes the couple’s relationship so perfectly imperfect!
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Cynthia Watros Reveals Why Nina Is Keeping Sonny a Secret on GH

The Nixon Falls storyline on GENERAL HOSPITAL has become quite controversial among viewers with some growing frustrated that Nina is keeping Sonny away from his family and loved ones in Port Charles and Carly, who believes her husband is dead. Maurice Benard (Sonny) and Laura Wright (Carly) have already offered fans their own take on the story and promising “great stuff” to come and now Cynthia Watros has offered some insight into Nina’s motivations.
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Quick Take With Cynthia Watros

What was your approach to the scenes where Nina first stumbled upon Sonny living as “Mike” and made the decision to conceal his survival from Carly? “Well, first of all, the first time that Nina sees Sonny — in my body as Cynthia playing Nina — I, like, exploded. But it was funny; I watched that scene, and it seemed like she was kind of cool! You think you’re playing something one way and it kind of reads on camera like, ‘Oh, she looks kind of calm about it.’ But I think she just had a meltdown. I mean, she didn’t believe it. She thought she was kind of losing her mind or something. It just didn’t make sense to her. She was thinking, ‘Maybe he’s not Sonny, he’s just a guy who completely looks like Sonny and talks like Sonny.’ That went away quickly, and then she was concerned about his mental health. Like, ‘If I just blurt out to him, “You’re this guy, you’re the head of this mob and you have a wife and kids,” is that too much information? Would that be a harm to him?’ So she was grappling with that and she did try to call Carly, and Carly was mean to her — rightfully so, because they’re in a bit of a rough patch right now. I think it kind of broke open Nina’s vulnerabilities and hurt.”

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina’s Secret Isn’t Revenge, Cynthia Watros On Sonny’s Happy New Life

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) called Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) to let her know she’s not a widow. However, she wouldn’t listen and just spewed out threats. So, Nina kept Sonny being alive a secret. Some think it’s spite but Watros disagrees. She explains why Nina hasn’t told anyone that Sonny aka “Mike” is alive.

‘General Hospital’ Cynthia Watros Reveals Childhood Trauma

General Hospital star Cynthia Watros gets some trolling and hate. And that could carry over from people who see the show and forget she’s an actress. Nina really isn’t the actual Cynthia. Nevertheless, she copes with hate because in her past she went through the trauma of bullying. And it seems rather awful.

Cynthia Watros Reveals Why She Gave up Acting (EXCLUSIVE)

About four years before joining the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL as Nina, Cynthia Watros decided to put her career on hold. “My last show [MTV’s FINDING CARTER] was in Atlanta, and my daughters were in high school in Los Angeles,” explained the mother to twins Emma and Sadie. “It’s hard to go back and forth — for.