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‘Cruella’: Disney would already be developing the sequel that would again feature Craig Gillespie and Tony McNamara

A week has ‘Cruella’ in theaters and Disney +, but for the house of the mouse it seems that no more is needed. At least as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, North American media that ensures that Disney is already preparing a second installment focused on this villain played by Emma Stone. This sequel would already be taking its first steps in the factory with the help of Craig Gillespie and Tony McNamara that they would repeat as director and screenwriter respectively.
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Craig Gillespie on a possible Cruella 2

When we leave Cruella, at the end of director Craig Gillespie’s origin pic, she’s only just beginning her journey as a Dalmatian-scouring rogue. Begs the question then, might we see a sequel to the film?. Collider quizzed Gillespie (“I, Tonya”, “Pam and Tommy”) on whether he feels there’s more of...

'Cruella' Director Craig Gillespie on the Script's Evolution, Wink, and Sequel Ideas

From director Craig Gillespie, the live-action flick Cruella explores the early days of one of cinema’s most notorious villains, from her rebellious school years as Estella (Emma Stone) to that of the punk rock-inspired fashionista Cruella. Her flair for fashion catches the eye of the terrifying Baroness von Hellman (Emma Thompson), who puts a series of events in motion, in an attempt to preserve her own legendary fashion empire, that lead to surprising revelations and some wicked revenge.

‘Cruella’ Director Craig Gillespie Wants to Make a Sequel With the Villain “Fully Loaded”

Cruella may not have opened as big at the box office as A Quiet Place Part II, but it’s clear the origin story of the 101 Dalmatians villain already has plenty of big fans. If you’re among the masses looking to get more of Emma Stone as the rebellious fashionista, you’ll be happy to hear that director Craig Gillespie already has some ideas about what he’d like to see from a Cruella sequel.

Craig Gillespie hints at more Cruella

Craig Gillespie thinks there is potential for more 'Cruella' films. The 53-year-old filmmaker has helmed the new Disney live-action origin story, which stars Emma Stone as '101 Dalmatians' villain Cruella de Vil, and believes there is a lot more to come for the character. Craig said: "I feel like we've...
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Craig Gillespie Talks Potential Sequel Plans for Cruella

Following its theatrical release and Disney+ debut last Friday, Disney’s newest live-action feature Cruella has been receiving a good amount of positive responses from critics and audiences alike, who are praising the film’s direction, costume design, and soundtrack as well as Emma Stone and Emma Thompson’s performances. The film currently sits at a gross of over 40 million worldwide, which helped to reignite the box office since the pandemic started last year. If Cruella continues gaining incredible numbers, a potential sequel might not be too far ahead in its future.

Craig Gillespie feels proud of Joker comparisons

Craig Gillespie feels proud of the comparisons between 'Cruella' and 'Joker'. The 53-year-old filmmaker helmed the new 'Cruella' movie starring Emma Stone, and while he can see a marked difference between his effort and 2019's 'Joker', he considers the comparisons to be a compliment. He said: "I loved the 'Joker',...
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Craig Gillespie

The actress plays 'One Hundred and One Dalmations' villain Cruella de Vil in this origin story directed by Craig Gillespie and costarring Emma Thompson. Craig Gillespie to Direct ‘Thelma’ Remake for FilmNation. 'I, Tonya' director Craig Gillespie is on board to helm an English-language remake of the 2017 Norwegian psychodrama...

‘Cruella’ Director Craig Gillespie on Humanizing a Disney Villain and Looking to ‘Ocean’s 11’ for Inspiration [Interview]

Cruella is a crime movie, and director Craig Gillespie seems to relish that. Sure, this is Disney’s latest live-action reboot, an attempt to bring an iconic character back into the spotlight with an expensive origin story. But it’s also a tale of revenge set against the backdrop of the London fashion scene in the ’70s, where One Hundred and One Dalmatians villain Cruella De Vil plots to destroy the woman who wrecked her life with the help of her criminal accomplices, all set to a killer soundtrack. While /Film’s main review is mixed, I enjoyed the film – it has style to spare, and it’s anchored by terrific performances that lend the perfect blend of menace and sincerity to an outlandish story.

Craig Gillespie Is Just As Surprised As You Are He Made A Gritty ‘Cruella’

As I mention to Craig Gillespie ahead, my interest in Cruella, an origin story of the villain from 101 Dalmatians, didn’t quite gran my attention until he became attached. My interest piques because Gillespie was just coming off I, Tonya, and if a movie about a young Cruella (played by Emma Stone) could have the same kind of energy that I, Tonya did, well that was certainly interesting.