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Watch Courtney Love hijack a Madonna TV interview and confuse the shit out of everyone

The 1995 MTV Video Music Awards, held at New York's legendary Radio City Music Hall on September 7 that year, proved to be a night to remember for LA geek rockers Weezer, who bagged four awards (an achievement matched on the night by R&B trio TLC) for director Spike Jonze's witty, irreverent and technically dazzling Happy Days-referencing promo for Buddy Holly, the second single from their self-titled 1994 debut album, aka 'The Blue Album'.
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Watch 19-year-old Courtney Love front Faith No More on 1984 TV show

In early 1984, San Francisco alt. rock band acquired a new singer, not necessarily by choice. As keyboard player Roddy Bottum recalls, 19-year-old Courtney Love "basically demanded to sing". Bassist Bill Gould remembers the singer as “a chaotic personality” who created “a whirlwind of shit” with the band, which was very much part of Faith No More's aesthetic in their earliest years together.

Courtney Love settles Kurt Cobain guitar murder plot lawsuit

US singer Courtney Love has settled a lawsuit with her ex-son-in-law over claims she planned to kill or kidnap him in a dispute about one of Kurt Cobain's guitars. A lawyer for the widow of the Nirvana frontman told a Los Angeles judge the two sides had reached an agreement. Isaiah Silva -- one-time husband of Love's daughter -- had filed suit in 2018 claiming Love had masterminded a plot to stage a break-in at his home. Silva claimed several men acting at her behest broke into his home in 2016, pretending to be police officers.