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Chatting “Gangs Of London” With Director Corin Hardy

Gangs of London, the British crime-action series, follows a variety of present day gangs in modern London. The series boasts a talented cast, excellent direction, and some exception cinematography—in addition to setting itself further apart by some of the greatest action sequences in modern TV history. Yet again of course it’s a stunning crime drama, with talent behind it like showrunner Gareth Evans (of The Raid and The Raid 2, two of contemporary action cinema’s shining stars) and Corin Hardy (The Hallow is a modern eco-horror masterpiece). I sat down with Corin Hardy to chat the series, it’s stunning action sequences, and more.
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INTERVIEW: Corin Hardy on his journey from ‘The Nun’ to ‘Gangs of London’

Photo: Gangs of London’s first season is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. Photo courtesy of RLJE Films / Provided by KWPR with permission. Gangs of London, the hit British television series that is now available on DVD and Blu-ray in the United States, had a dream team of directors and cast members for season one — all of them tasked with bringing to life the crime-riddled, seedy, power-hungry underbelly of London amidst a rise in gang activity. Corin Hardy, director of The Nun, was a pivotal presence during Gangs’ first season, directing several episodes for co-creators Gareth Evans and Matt Flannery. He has also signed up for season two, which is currently in production.
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Sam Raimi-produced Netflix horror movie lands The Nun director Corin Hardy

Netflix has snagged the Sam Raimi-produced Every House is Haunted, with The Nun's Corin Hardy set to direct a script from Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman. Deadline reports that Every House is Haunted centers on an insurance investigator who tries to debunk claims that a couple’s death was caused by a haunted house, but his doubts are challenged by a psychic and the mysterious occurrences he witnesses with his own eyes.