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City of Langley dedicates trash can to Conan O’Brien

While making an appearance on Whidbey Island to support the opening of a play written by playwright Elizabeth “Liza” Powel O’Brien, the city of Langley dedicated a trash can to her husband, former talk show host and comedian Conan O’Brien on June 10. Langley Mayor Scott...
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Conan O’Brien makes a $150 million podcast deal

After bottomless headlines about podcast licensing deals, I guess getting acquired is cool again. Or maybe Conan is just tired. I’m tired, and I didn’t even spend three decades as the “good king” of late night. On that note, I will be out for the next few days, so send all pitches and thoughts to Jake (nice ones, please!!).
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Conan O'Brien sells his podcast company to SiriusXM for $150 million

Team Coco is now Team Sirius.  SiriusXM has purchased comedian Conan O'Brien's podcast network in a deal that The Wall Street Journal reports is valued at roughly $150 million. This includes O'Brien's own hit podcast Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend, on which he interviews various celebrities. Past guests have included former President Barack Obama.  "When I started in television my ultimate goal was to work my way up to radio," O'Brien joked. "This new deal with SiriusXM builds on the great relationship that began several years ago with a team that is the standout in their field." O'Brien's network produces a number of other podcasts, including shows...

Conan O’Brien Has Sold His Podcast Production Company To SiriusXM For A Whole Lot Of Money

While it doesn’t look like podcasts are going anywhere anytime soon, probably because everybody and their cousin has one, Conan O’Brien is looking to relocate some of his projects. O’Brien’s digital media company Team Coco has just been sold to SiriusXM, the home of over 150 channels, including one that just plays Dave Matthews Band 24 hours a day.