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Actor Colton Haynes discusses new memoir

Actor and model Colton Haynes currently stars on The CW’s "Arrow." Previously, he was in hit shows such as "American Horror Story," "Teen Wolf," and "Scream Queens" and has appeared in films such as "Rough Night" and "San Andreas." Four years ago, Colton Haynes woke up in a hospital....
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Colton Haynes Reveals Why He Left Teen Wolf, Arrow

In a new memoir, actor Colton Haynes has revealed why he infamously left the MTV series Teen Wolf in 2012, as well as why he left The CW series Arrow. Shortly after Haynes’ departure from Teen Wolf in 2012, reports began to surface that it was due to a contract negotiation issue. However, his new memoir Miss Memory Lane dives deeper into the issue, with Haynes alleging that he was not being paid as much as the rest of the cast was despite also having a main role in the series.

Colton Haynes Reveals Why He Left ‘Arrow’ Ahead of Season 8

With the release of his new memoir, Colton Haynes is finally opening up as to what led him to exit Arrow ahead of Season 8. His memoir, Miss Memory Lane, was released on May 31st. The 256-page book from Atria Books takes fans down memory lane as Haynes recalls his struggles with addiction, abuse, and his time on Teen Wolf and the CW’s Arrow. The actor, who is set to appear in the Paramount+ Teen Wolf revival movie, left MTV’s Teen Wolf series in 2012 after appearing for two seasons. The decision to leave was financially-based as the network refused to pay the actor what his fellow stars were being paid. Ironically enough, this is an issue Arden Cho experienced too when she received a lowball offer to return for the Paramount+ Teen Wolf movie.

Arrow's Colton Haynes Reveals the Real Reason He Left Ahead of Final Season

Click here to read the full article. ‘Member when it was quite unexpectedly announced that Colton Haynes, who had rejoined Arrow for Season 7, would not stick around as a series regular for the final season? Well, now we may a bit more insight into that abrupt exit. Ahead of the CW series’ 10-episode farewell run, then-showrunner Beth Schwartz said that Haynes would not be continuing as a series regular, the status he enjoyed in Season 7 when he reprised his role as Roy Harper aka Arsenal. But “we hope to have him back,” Schwartz told Green Arrow TV in August 2019. Haynes’ status...

‘Arrow’ Star Colton Haynes Explains In New Memoir Why He Left The Hit Show Before Its Final Season

Click here to read the full article. The truth is out there. Arrow’s Colton Haynes has clarified what his exit from the show was really about in a new memoir, Miss Memory Lane (Atria Books). Haynes, who played Arsenal, sidekick to the Arrow, originally said he wasn’t invited back after Season 7. It seemed to make sense, since he was only in about half of the 22 episodes that season. Now, the new book reveals that’s not exactly true. “I had walked away from my full-time job on Arrow at the beginning of the year, supposedly because my contract had ended,” Haynes wrote....
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Colton Haynes made himself ‘so sick’ by staying in the closet

Colton Haynes says hiding in the closet left him miserable and suicidal. In his memoir, “Miss Memory Lane,” Haynes writes that his team advised him not to come out and desperately tried to stop images from a racy photo shoot that he had done for a gay magazine as a teen from resurfacing.

Colton Haynes says he almost wasn't cast in Teen Wolf because of gay men's magazine shoot he did

Colton Haynes says Teen Wolf creator and showrunner Jeff Davis fought for him to be cast in the show after MTV caught wind of a photo shoot he did for a gay men's magazine. In his new memoir, Miss Memory Lane, Haynes reflects on some of his earlier career struggles as a gay man trying to make it in Hollywood. The actor, who publicly came out in a 2016 interview with EW, recounts growing up openly gay before going back into the closet for his career, sharing that he was told to conceal his sexuality so it wouldn't hinder job opportunities.

Colton Haynes Was Pressured to Hide His Sexuality During Teen Wolf

Although more productions than ever are embracing queer characters and actors, there are still many in the business who face discrimination, including Teen Wolf and Arrow star Colton Haynes. In his new memoir, Miss Memory Lane, Haynes opens up about the struggles he faced as an aspiring actor and gay...

Colton Haynes says he almost didn’t get ‘Teen Wolf’ role over gay mag

Colton Haynes almost lost out on his “Teen Wolf” role. The 33-year-old revealed that he was almost not cast in the MTV adaptation because a network executive did not like that he had participated in a photo shoot for gay magazine, XY. Haynes — who is openly gay — wrote in his newly released memoir, “Miss Memory Lane,” that he was told to conceal his sexuality as it would hinder his ability to get acting jobs. “It didn’t matter who was on my team, the message I got was always the same: ‘You will not work if you are yourself,’ ” wrote...

Colton Haynes: MTV Boss Nearly Rejected Me From ‘Teen Wolf’ Over Past Gay Photoshoot

Colton Haynes was a series regular on the MTV supernatural drama series “Teen Wolf” for two seasons, but the actor reveals in his new memoir, “Miss Memory Lane,” that he almost didn’t get cast in the role of Jackson Whittemore. According to Haynes, the head of MTV at the time didn’t want to hire him because of the gay-themed XY Magazine photo shoot he did as a teenager years before the show.
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Colton Haynes walked away from Teen Wolf over a pay dispute

Colton Haynes left 'Teen Wolf' over a pay dispute. The 33-year-old actor played Jackson Whittemore in the drama series, and he's now revealed the circumstances behind his departure in 2012. In his new memoir 'Miss Memory Lane', Colton explains: "The real truth was that they didn't want to pay me...