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WATCH: Colter Wall Covers Willie Nelson Classic ‘Red Headed Stranger’ at Hall of Fame

If you follow Colter Wall on Instagram, you can deduce two things immediately. He likes to play music, and he likes to cowboy. When Colter isn’t strumming and singing, he’s running cattle. Makes pretty good sense for the singing cowboy to combine those passions, which is just what he did when he performed the cowboy ballad, “Red Headed Stranger,” at the Country Music Hall of Fame.
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Colter Wall Releases ‘Live in Front of Nobody’ Videos After Canceling Tour Dates

Early last year, live music wasn’t quite back in full swing yet. We were still feeling the pressure of the pandemic and venues, promoters, and artists were still a little gun shy into late summer and early fall. As a result, many artists started producing live stream concert events. Colter Wall and the Scary Prairie Boys followed suit with Live In Front of Nobody in March.
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Colter Wall suspends tour to avoid pandemic “worsening”

Colter Wall posted a message to his fans on his social media pages today (Jan. 6) that he is taking a break from the streets for the foreseeable future after canceling a number of shows booked for January and February became. The Canadian country singer, known for his rough baritone...

Country Spotlight on Colter Wall, January 6

Oliver the Kid, WTJU’s youngest deejay, returns to the airwaves this Thursday, January 6, with a focus on Canadian country singer Colter Wall. Country Spotlight airs monthly at 1pm during the Cosmic American Jamboree. The Cosmic American Jamboree airs Thursday afternoon from 12-2pm (est) at 91.1 FM, and streaming...

Colter Wall Cancels January and February Tour Dates

Country singer Colter Wall announced on Wednesday (January 5th) that he has officially canceled all of his January and February 2022 shows. In a post on both of his Facebook and Instagram accounts, Colter Wall declared the bad news. “Touring in current conditions doesn’t make much sense to us right now. So the January and February dates are canceled. Refunds are at point of purchase. Be on watch for more videos and merch.”

Colter Wall Announces New Winter Tour Dates

Back in September, we got the shitty news that the Canadian cowboy himself, Colter Wall, was postponing his September, October, and November tour dates due to the pandemic. And today, he’s ready to get back on the saddle again. Ol’ Colter has just announced that he’ll be adding several concert...

Colter Wall to play Mission Ballroom in January

Western Canadian songwriter Colter Wall is a weathered baritone that spins narratives on the stage. He sings traditionals known to most, historic reverie, and poignant originals, raising both goosebumps and beers throughout the evening. It's a nostalgic atmosphere and a simple yet colorful experience. On his third album, Western Swing...

Colter Wall Is Out There Living Every Cowboy’s Dream: PHOTOS

Recently, Colter Wall chose to cancel his fall tour dates. However, he isn’t just taking time off to relax. Instead, he’s on horseback working cattle. Those who know Wall’s music know that he sings several cowboy songs. Some of those are originals and some are covers. However, they aren’t just neat songs that he decided to cut. They’re a reflection of how he lives his life. When he’s not recording or touring, Colter is living the cowboy lifestyle.

Colter Wall Cancels Fall Tour With Powerful Note to Fans

In early September, Colter Wall announced that he would postpone his fall tour dates. COVID restrictions made it almost impossible for the Canadian country singer to get to America and play a string of shows. Initially, they planned to push the dates back as far as next fall. However, he and the band changed their minds. Earlier today, Wall took to social media to announce that they have decided to cancel the fall tour dates altogether.

Colter Wall Postpones Nearly All Of His Fall Tour

Just a couple days ago, we shared an article announcing a whole mess of great openers that Colter would be hitting the road with this fall. Vincent Neil Emerson, Red Shahan, Summer Dean, Riddy Arman and more, it was shaping up to be one helluva tour. And now today, Colter...

Colter Wall Is a Real-Life ‘Yellowstone’ Character in New Cowboy Pics Gearing Up for Upcoming Tour

Country music is full of songs about the cowboy lifestyle. In fact, there’s a whole sub-genre of country music dedicated to cowboy music. However, a large portion of the singers who cut those songs don’t live the life. At the most, they own a plot of land or have ridden a horse a time or two. On the other hand, there are folks like Colter Wall. When he’s not in the studio or on the road, he’s on horseback.

Colter Wall Cancels Missouri State Fair Show; Two Other Dates Due to Travel Restrictions

Colter Wall and his band canceled his Missouri State Fair performance scheduled for Friday night, Aug. 20. According to Colter Wall's Facebook page, he canceled three stateside shows this afternoon. In addition to his appearance at the Missouri State Fair, wall canceled his performance at the Iowa's State Fair Thursday evening and his performance at the Railbird Festival in Lexington, Kentucky on Sunday, August 29.