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Colt Cabana Accidentally Gives Fans Funny CM Punk Screenshot

It appears that Colt Cabana may have been set up by the team at Pro Wrestling Tees for a little bit of internet fun at his expense. In a clip posted on What Not by the wrestling merch store, Cabana was taking out t-shirts linked to AEW talent from a bag and displaying them to the camera. After showing off a Jay Lethal shirt without problem, Cabana reached for the next item, which ultimately turned out to be a CM Punk tee. Trying to laugh off the awkward moment, Cabana stated, "That's the screenshot of me holding this up!" before calling someone off-camera — who claimed not to know that was going to happen — "an a**hole" and moving on.
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Colt Cabana Jokes About His Mom Sharing Bank Accounts

During CM Punk’s press scrum after All Out two weeks ago, CM Punk went on a rant about former friend Colt Cabana, before taking a shot at him for sharing a bank account with his mother. During a Twitch stream earlier this week, Cabana joked about the situation without directly mentioning Punk or the All Out rant.

Colt Cabana Was Reportedly Expected To Be Cut From AEW, Talent Spoke Up For Him

Colt Cabana is still signed to AEW, but a new report says he was expected to be cut before several roster members spoke up for him. Fightful Select reports that there was a “bit of an uproar” backstage in the company over the notion that Cabana’s AEW deal was not set to be renewed as far back as March, something that several members of the roster said they heard word of several months ago.

Colt Cabana Played Brooklyn Brawler On Last Night’s Young Rock

Colt Cabana had a guest role on yesterday’s episode of Young Rock, as he played Steve Lombardi, aka the Brooklyn Brawler. The episode focused on The Rock’s debut match in the WWF. During a Q&A on Twitch (via Fightful), Cabana explained how the guest appearance happened. He noted that he sent an audition to Chavo Guerrero, the stunt coordinator, and got the part. Filming lasted six days.

Colt Cabana Reveals How Early He Knew AEW Was Forming

AEW star and coach Colt Cabana joined the Going Broadway Podcast to talk about his current run in AEW. According to Colt Cabana, while he did indeed sign with AEW in February of 2020, he was originally not supposed to debut for the company until April of that year. Instead, he officially debuted from the promotion at AEW Revolution.
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1/4 AEW DARK TV REPORT: Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Colt Cabana, Nese vs. Angels, Martin vs. Hopkins, more

SPOTLIGHTED PODCAST ALERT (YOUR ARTICLE BEGINS A FEW INCHES DOWN)... RECORDED AT UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, ORLANDO, FL. Angels used his speed to catch Nese with a single leg dropkick early and showed aggression in the corner. Nese jabbed Angels in the throat, swept the leg, but missed the follow slingshot moonsault. Angels hit a springing dropkick, but was cut off climbing the ropes. Nese rolled through a sunset flip and damn near took Angels head off with a spin kick. Angels fought back with a diving cross body off the top, step up hurricanrana and enziguri. Angels hit a nice double stomp to the back and moonsault out of the corner for two. We got dueling chants from the crowd supporting both guys until Nese hit a pump handle piledriver for a very close near fall. Taz mentions someone popping right up from a move like that recently. Both men went to the apron where Angels hit an STO. Back inside, Angels tried a running start out of the corner, but Nese planted him with a release German into the buckle and the Running Nese for three.

Colt Cabana Opens Up About His Part In Changing The Culture Of Wrestling

AEW’s Colt Cabana recently spoke with the Into The Danger Zone podcast where he talked about his impact on changing wrestling culture. The Dark Order member believes culture was altered for the better due to wrestlers selling merchandise. “When I’m on independent shows and I get there and there’s...