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Cody Ko announced as Chapman’s fall guest speaker

Lyssy Salvador has been a devout fan of YouTuber and content creator Cody Kolodziejzyk — better known as “Cody Ko” — since the early stages of high school. The diversity of his content, the comedy of his editing style and the consistency of his quality always piqued Salvador’s interest. So,...
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Cody Ko shames influencers for “scamming” followers into cryptocurrencies

In the wake of relentless drama and intrigue surrounding crypto, influencer Cody Ko has called out fellow celebrities for exploiting their fans to secure easy cash in ‘pump-and-dump’ schemes. Dubbing it “the new influencer scam” and likening it to the rise (and fall) of NFTs, Cody Ko thinks celebrities are...
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Watch Joshua Weissman Make Cody Ko a Crazy Fine-Dining Burger

Joshua Weissman teams up with Alvin Cailan to make Cody Ko a crazy, one-of-a-kind, fine-dining burger. Using foams, gels, and other molecular gastronomy techniques, this is a burger unlike anything you've ever seen. Will Cody Ko give it the thumbs up or thumbs down? Find out!

TUCP hosts Cody Ko for Q&A

On Thursday, April 1 — widely known as April Fools’ day — Tulane University Campus Programming hosted a Q&A with comedian, performer and internet sensation Cody Ko. Seated in the same setup as his YouTube videos, Ko was introduced to the virtual attendees by TUCP’s moderator for the night, Lucy Sartor. There was also a barrage of Zoom comments greeting him, with some incorporating phrases he’s said himself such as “HAIR IS FRICTIONLESS” and “MR STRUGGLE HIMSELF.”

From studying computer science to regretting his fraternity membership, Cody Ko reflects on Duke experience

YouTube sensation Cody Ko graced a virtual stage Monday for a comical interview hosted by Duke University Union’s Speakers and Stage committee. Ko, Trinity ‘12, is a Canadian YouTuber, comedian, podcaster and rapper. After graduating from Duke with a computer science degree, Ko founded an app and worked as a programmer while simultaneously growing a large following on Vine and YouTube.

CUB hosts Cody Ko and Noel Miller in virtual comedic experience

Cumulative laughter of 500 people makes a distanced world much closer. On Wednesday Feb. 24, the College Union Board (CUB) held a virtual Q&A style comedy event with internet comedy duo Tiny Meat Gang, which is made up of Cody Ko and Noel Miller. Cody Kolodziejzyk, known as Cody Ko,...
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Cody Ko to bring YouTube comedy to UNL students via Zoom

A camera, computer and microphone are all part of the typical setup for filming any Cody Ko video. On Thursday, Feb. 25, Cody Ko will be using this same setup, but instead of reacting to cringe-worthy TikToks, he will be joining the University of Nebraska-Lincoln students in one of the most anticipated events of the semester, “An Evening with Cody Ko,” hosted by the University Program Council Nebraska.

A night of roasts and jokes with Cody Ko and Noel Miller

YouTube stars Cody Ko and Noel Miller had a packed Zoom call of over 300 users for their Q&A session hosted by ACBU on Monday. The event was filled with laughs, jokes and the roasting of a few Bradley students. Abby Peterson, junior marketing major and president of ACBU, has...
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Cody Ko, Noel Miller and David Dobrik distract students with humor

Cody Ko, Noel Miller and David Dobrik brought laughter and bright smiles to UF students Wednesday night, providing some unfiltered advice and insight on their lives behind the screen. Accent Speakers Bureau, a UF Student Government agency funded by student fees, hosted the trio in a free event to UF...