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Clive Tyldesley and Ally McCoist on Euro 2020 ITV: The formula for a commentary dream duo

With all due respect to Dutch and Ukrainian communities living in the UK, the vast majority of viewers for Sunday night’s match were not going to be crying themselves into their Oranjeboom or Horilka* whoever ended up winning or losing the Group C match. Obviously ITV and the BBC are going to put their top teams on the top games and in the case of ITV (in their opinion if nobody else’s), that means that Sam Matterface does the big ones. This in turn means that viewers tuning in to a Clive broadcast are probably in a more relaxed frame of mind. It's easier not to yell at the TV if you're not that bothered who wins.
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Clive Tyldesley: 'I can't fathom this drive for younger commentators - they need experience'

For many of us, Clive Tyldesley has provided the soundtrack to our football lives. World Cups, Euros, Champions League finals (“and Solskjaer has done it”), he has always been there, the man with the right words at the right time. And the good news is, he will be there this summer, commentating at the Euros for ITV after all. Not on England games, perhaps, but on plenty of others, his rich vocabulary and boyish brio will come into play, adding illumination to every occasion.
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Clive Tyldesley: ‘Football commentary is all I ever wanted to do’

From Shankly, Clough and the Camp Nou in 1999 to the failed European Super League, the ITV broadcaster reflects on the game. ‘The first thing you’ve got to get your head around as a broadcaster,” Clive Tyldesley says, “is that it’s not actually about you. It’s about the event. I think the greatest quality a commentator can possess in order to connect with a large number of people is warmth. This applies even more so to television presenters as they look into that little coal-black hole and somehow reach you on your sofa, on your commute, sitting in your bedroom with a tablet on your lap, whatever it is, and you want to invest some trust and affection in them.”