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Growing Bolder: Author and Alzheimer’s Advocate Dan Gasby; Actor and Author Clint Howard

Alzheimer’s does not only affect its victims, it can change the lives of their caregivers and family members as well. Dan Gasby shares the firsthand experience of his wife’s diagnosis of his wife’s descent into early onset Alzheimer’s. He’s become a leading voice in how to deal with the disease through the book he and his wife wrote together. He shares the many challenges they were faced with, and what we can all learn about dealing with dementia.
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Ron and Clint Howard Say Their Dad Protected Their Childhoods

Growing up in Hollywood could have gone very wrong for Ron and Clint Howard. But, as the famous brothers have recently revealed, their father, the late Rance Howard, was instrumental in making sure they both had real childhoods. For parents who think they may have a budding actor or performer on their hands, the recollections of the Howard boys are revealing, and fascinating. Recently, Fatherly caught up with both Ron Howard and Clint Howard over Zoom to discuss their best-selling book The Boys: A Memoir of Family and Hollywood.

Journal Profile: Clint Howard provides artistic flair for college campuses, Buc-ee's

Get to know the man atop this unique metalworking business in Bastrop, including how he disconnects when he's not at work and why he has a love-hate relationship with his smartphone. Deep in the Heart has gained acclaim for projects such as the the large "Jacob's Dream" sculpture at Abilene Christian University, and the business is also responsible for beaver statues in more than 30 locations of gas station chain Buc-ee's.

Meet Clint Howard: Director Ron Howard’s Famous Brother Who Followed in His Footsteps

Director Ron Howard is the man behind some of the biggest blockbuster films of all time like The Da Vinci Code and Apollo 13. His contributions to the world of entertainment are unmatched and have been praised for over six decades. His younger brother, Clint Howard, has been by his side supporting him through it all and even launched a successful show business career of his own.
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Review: Ron and Clint Howard reveal their success stories

“The Boys,” by Ron Howard and Clint Howard (William Morrow) “What was it like growing up on TV?” That’s the question, along with the death of their father in 2017, that prompted Ron Howard and his brother, Clint, to co-write a memoir of their childhood. “The Boys” is exactly what...

Clint Howard Once Visited Iconic ‘Andy Griffith’ Fishing Hole

Clint Howard, brother of Ron Howard, managed to make a visit to the fishing hole that appeared in The Andy Griffith Show. Now, Clint Howard played Leon in some of the early season episodes of the famed CBS sitcom. In this clip from the “Mayberry Man” YouTube channel, he joins...

Clint Howard reveals all-time favorite performances

Clint Howard has not matched the success of brother Ron, but you’ll never hear the younger sibling complain. That’s because he has had a pretty good run of his own. As a child actor, he starred opposite a bear in the TV series “Gentle Ben” and appeared as a powerful alien in an early episode of “Star Trek.” He’s made so many memorable cameos in beloved films that he even won a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1998 MTV Movie Awards.
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Ron and Clint Howard on their breezy, brotherly Hollywood memoir

"Clint, you're sideways." "Well, I either have to be sideways or upside down. What's better?" "Sideways," says Ron Howard, steady helmsman of about 30 features and documentaries. Brother Clint Howard, five years his junior and proud owner of more than 250 acting credits, nods with something like satisfaction. His image on the screen remains sideways, and his older sibling allows the slightest of smiling head shakes — a silent "That's my brother."

Ron and Clint Howard are "The Boys"

Who hasn't enjoyed Ron Howard on "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Happy Days," or his younger brother Clint Howard on "Gentle Ben," and in a remarkable guest spot on "Star Trek"?. Eddie Murphy certainly has.