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Clay Travis calls for IRS investigation into BLM

OutKick founder Clay Travis called for an IRS investigation into Black Lives Matter during its latest alleged scandal Tuesday on "Jesse Watters Primetime." CLAY TRAVIS: What strikes me honestly… is we need an IRS investigation. But unfortunately, the IRS only investigates people with the word "patriot" in their tag line, in their 501(c)(3)s. And look, this is, to me, emblematic of the larger story that BLM has told us and why it's such a fraud… If you look at every city where Black Lives Matter has been active in, the overall number of murders and violent crime has skyrocketed. Because the truth of the matter is this: Black lives were being protected in overwhelming numbers by police. And all of a sudden, when we decided, based on a few police officers who were behaving in a criminal fashion — and they were charged with a crime — that all police officers were bad — you couldn't even watch "COPS" on television anymore. They were offended — all of the BLM minions were — by the fact that "Paw Patrol" had a police officer. If you got young kids and you watch that, they were demanding that that be ended. This was all madness.
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Clay Travis And Buck Sexton Sound Off

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton host The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show, a three-hour talk radio program continuing on in the spirit of Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Radio Network. Each day on the program, Travis and Sexton tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and current events with intelligence and humor. Together, they guide listeners through the latest headlines and hot topics with fun and entertaining conversations and opinions and Sound Off takes listeners through the best moments that occurred earlier in the week.
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Controversial Tomi Lahren Could Join Clay Travis' 'OutKick'

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren is poised to contribute to Clay Travis’ OutKick, sources tell Front Office Sports. Lahren will likely host a podcast and generate sports and political content for the OutKick website and podcast network. The controversial Lahren is currently a contributor to Fox News. Travis sold OutKick...

Clay Travis: This is what Ron DeSantis is saying to Disney

Clay Travis defended the Florida bill taking away Disney’s self-governing status, following their response to the Parental Rights in Education Bill on "Jesse Watters Primetime." CLAY TRAVIS: For a long time, Brian—and you've seen it play out time after time—these woke companies walk up and just punch the conservative,...

Clay Travis: Colin Kaepernick’s martyrdom is over

Colin Kaepernick’s latest comments on returning to the NFL are sparking questions based on the 34-year-old’s longstanding message that the league is racist. As relayed by OutKick’s Anthony Farris, former 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick appeared on Brandon Marshall’sI Am Athlete podcast and delivered a radically different message about the NFL.
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Clay Travis reacts to Dwayne Haskins’ sudden passing

On Monday’s episode of OutKick the Show, founder Clay Travis reacted to the sudden passing of 24-year-old NFL quarterback Dwayne Haskins. As reported by OutKick’s Meg Turner, Haskins, who was drafted by the then-Washington Redskins with the no. 15 overall pick in 2019, died early Saturday when a truck fatally struck him while walking on a South Florida highway.

Fauci's the 'most destructive' bureaucrat in US history: Clay Travis

OutKick founder Clay Travis accused Dr. Anthony Fauci of continuing his narrative on lockdowns and blaming former President Donald Trump for coronavirus deaths Thursday on "Jesse Watters Primetime." CLAY TRAVIS: He's the most destructive bureaucrat in the history of the United States. And if you were watching right now and...

Clay Travis: Tampa Bay Bucs lost plenty of steam this offseason

Before Bruce Arians’ departure and Brady’s pump-fake retirement, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were largely projected as the NFL’s top team in 2022-23. Even with the Los Angeles Rams’ strong Super Bowl 56 performance, the duo of Arians and Brady stood as the only pair capable of challenging Matthew Stafford and Sean McVay. With a slight edge to the GOAT.