‘Pawn Stars’: Chumlee Asks Fans To Rate His Latest Outfit

From Gucci Mickey Mouse sweaters to bright yellow sweatpants emblazoned with a giant shark’s jaw, there’s no question that Chumlee has his own style – and is proud of it. The Pawn Stars star regularly takes to Instagram to post his OOTD (outfit of the day). And though he’s made it clear that he needs no one’s permission to dress exactly how he likes, he’s asked fans to rate his most recent choice of fashion.
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‘Pawn Stars’: Chumlee Swiped His IG Clean Except for This One Photo

It seems that Chumlee of Pawn Stars decided that it was time to start over on his Instagram because he deleted all of his old photos. After he wiped the profile clean, it appears that he posted something almost immediately. A strange picture of himself being… well I can only describe it as being very Chumlee. For the blew check celebrity, he just needed a refresher. Perhaps he didn’t like having those old pictures hanging around. He has changed his look up quite a bit in recent years.

‘Pawn Stars’: Chumlee Once Met a Mega ‘Simpsons’ Collector

The Pawn Stars crew sees strange and magnificent collections all the time, though one episode featured something truly incredible. In season 17, Chumlee came face to face with one of the biggest Simpsons collections you’ll likely ever see. Video can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Pawn Stars: Chum's...

‘Pawn Stars’ Star Chumlee’s Dramatic Transformation Is Due to Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Pawn Stars fans know all about Austin “Chumlee” Russell by now. He’s one of Corey’s oldest friends and has been on the show from day one. However, there are a couple of other things that stick out in their minds about him. For one, he has a great sense of humor. Also, he was a pretty hefty guy until recently. Not long ago, he let the world know that he dropped 160 pounds and is looking and feeling great.

‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Poses with Costar Chumlee and His New Bling

Among all of the items that come into the Pawn Stars shop, jewelry is one of Chumlee’s favorites. Along with co-star Rick Harrison, the two have quite the eye for statement pieces. From heirloom estate jewelry to brand new flashy accessories, the pawnshop owners are happy to look at every piece of bling. Of course, not every ring is going to be a winner. Likely, a lot of the pieces that come into Gold & Silver Pawn Shop are costume jewelry. But every now and then a true diamond in the rough walks through the door. Earlier today, Chumlee wore that priceless piece on his pinky.

‘Pawn Stars’: Watch Chumlee and Corey Left Seriously Impressed With Guest’s Vietnam War Green Beret in New Episode

For the guys over at Pawn Stars, rare and cool items come into the shop all the time. In the new season, that has been ever more true. Already, fans have seen Rick Harrison tearing through the desert in a dune buggy and tour an insane Disney collection. Not to mention all the other little things that have been out on social media and in between scenes.