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MSNBC's Chuck Todd claims the right appeases White supremacists by crying 'free speech'

MSNBC host Chuck Todd declared Tuesday that the right uses the concept of free speech to "appease the White supremacist movement." While discussing Democratic lawmakers’ efforts to prevent mass shootings in the wake of the Buffalo, New York shooting that left 10 dead, Todd brought up the idea that the right and conservative media are encouraging or at least making room for White supremacist attacks, claiming arguing for free speech and combating online censorship implicitly aided racists.

NBC polls show stronger support for abortion rights, Chuck Todd says

“Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd joins Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY to discuss the growing support for abortion rights and the fall in poll numbers for President Biden. Todd says there is a leveling of the playing field between the nation’s two major political parties as the midterm elections approach because of the issue of abortion rights.May 15, 2022.

MSNBC Sends Chuck Todd Daytime Show to Streaming, Andrea Mitchell May Be Next

Exclusive: I’m hearing that in the wake of changes at MSNBC, the next announcement may involve Andrea Mitchell. Mitchell, most respected and enduring at NBC since 1978, hosts a one hour show on MSNBC at 12 noon every day called “Andrea Mitchell Reports.” But the word is that the show may move to MSNBC Now, the streaming channel of the cable network.

Ohio Democrat running for governor tells Chuck Todd government shouldn’t restrict when women can get abortions

Ohio’s Democrat nominee for governor indicated that there should no government restrictions on when a woman can get an abortion during a MSNBC interview on Wednesday. After winning her primary on Tuesday, Nan Whaley, former Mayor of Dayton, will face off against Republican Governor Mike DeWine in Ohio’s gubernatorial election this November. MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd interviewed the Democrat on Wednesday, asking her to weigh in on the Supreme Court possibly overturning Roe v. Wade, and where she drew the line on abortion rights.

U.S. is fighting a proxy war in Ukraine, Chuck Todd says

“Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd joins Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY to discuss the visits of high-ranking U.S. officials to Ukraine and the larger ramifications of new aid and rhetoric that the U.S. has displayed. Todd says we are fighting a proxy war in Ukraine, adding that the U.S. is showing signs of commitment for the long haul.May 1, 2022.

Trevor Noah Roasted Ron DeSantis, Chuck Todd, Kyrsten Sinema, And Student Debt At The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

It was four long years ago that the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner featured a comedian, partly thanks to a certain president who can’t take a joke, partly thanks to a public health crisis said commander-in-chief did a terrible job of containing. But now that Joe Biden is president — and now that indoor group gatherings are slightly, if not entirely, safer — the roasting was back. Trevor Noah nabbed the gig last held semi-infamously by Michelle Wolf in 2018, and he did not hold back — and yet he didn’t incur the wrath of the room, as Wolf once did.

To tackle inflation could hurt Biden’s campaign, Chuck Todd says

“Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd joins Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY to talk about how the immigration crisis at the border, inflation and the war in Ukraine are affecting his poll numbers. Todd says it’s ironic that tax hikes, higher interest rates and more immigrant labor are what it would take to tackle inflation because they “couldn’t be a worse thing to campaign on.”April 17, 2022.