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Pepe Le Pew Creator Chuck Jones Daughter Speaks Out On Controversy Around The Looney Tunes Character

Linda Jones, daughter of Looney Tunes creator Chuck Jones, is speaking up about the controversy over Pepe Le Pew. According to a new report from TMZ, Linda Jones stated that she "strongly disagrees" with a recent NYT op-ed, which suggested that Pepe Le Pew's relentless pursuit of Penelope Pussycat reinforced certain aspects of rape culture. Linda Jones reportedly counters that notion by saying that people who watched the lothario skunk character never took away a message that harassing let alone raping people. Jones reportedly went so far as to point out that Pepe Le Pew never raped anyone in any of his cartoon shorts, and doesn't deserve to be canceled and kicked out of Space Jam 2.
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Pepe Le Pew Creator Chuck Jones

Pepe Le Pew was never meant to be interpreted as rape-y, but the times have caught up with him to make it seem that way ... so says the daughter of the guy who first drew him. Linda Jones -- whose father, Chuck Jones, is credited as the creator and original animator of Pepe and other Looney Tunes -- tells TMZ she strongly disagrees with the notion the suave skunk contributed to rape culture, as suggested in an NYT op-ed.
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Pepé Le Pew never raped anyone says creator Chuck Jones' daughter Linda Jones while defending cartoon skunk

Chuck Jones created and first drew Pepé Le Pew, the Looney Tunes character that has recently been retired by Warner Bros after it was claimed it "normalized rape culture". However, the cartoonist's daughter, Linda Jones, has come out in support of her father’s work as she said the skanky skunk was never created to be a rapist but maybe his approach looked outdated in today's time.
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Deron Irving-Bey, Chuck Jones enter transfer portal

In an offseason full of roster turnover, Central Michigan saw two defensive players enter the NCAA transfer portal in as many days. On Thursday, the Detroit News' Angelique Chengelis reported that linebacker Chuck Jones had entered the portal, with 247Sports reporting Friday that defensive lineman Deron Irving-Bey had followed suit.