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Christopher Mintz-Plasse thinks Nicholas Braun could date Kim Kardashian

Christopher Mintz-Plasse thinks his best buddy Nicholas Braun has a shot with Kim Kardashian. “Going through a divorce is never the best time to go after someone, but I really think … his height will help him,” the “Superbad” actor told Page Six of the 6-foot-7 “Succession” star amid Kardashian’s separation from Kanye West.
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Christopher Mintz-Plasse: ‘Damn, son!’ Who does the voice?

Who does the “Damn, son! Where’d you find this?” voice? Is Christopher Mintz-Plasse, aka Mclovin, the voice actor who does the damn son voice, or is it Shadoe Haze, aka Awesome Voice Guy?. Christopher Mintz-Plasse – ‘Damn, son! Where’d you find this?’. Why do people think Christopher Mintz-Plasse is the...
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Christopher Mintz-Plasse Talks “Blark and Son” and his “Superbad” roots on Comedy Central’s “Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz”

We just got our hands on an exclusive look at the new episode of Comedy Central’s “Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz” with guest Christopher Mintz-Plasse. In this episode, Christopher talks all things “Blark and Son,” revealing his hilarious thoughts on the show’s characters and expanding his voiceover range in a game of “Audition Mixtape.” The two comedians even revisit Christopher’s “Superbad” roots, divulging where he would get a McLovin tattoo and where he thinks the infamous fake ID is today. You can also read our exclusive interview with Chris here.
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Christopher Mintz-Plasse: The Only Way to Make ‘Superbad 2’ Is with ‘a Female Version’

It’s been nearly 15 years since Christopher Mintz-Plasse broke through with his performance as Fogell (aka McLovin) in “Superbad,” and it sounds like the chance to see that character again onscreen might never come. In a recent interview on Glenn Kalina’s radio series (via 98.1 WOGL) to promote his new YouTube comedy show “Blark & Son,” Mintz-Plasse said no one involved in the original “Superbad” is planning to touch a potential sequel, at least not in a traditional sense. The actor, who most recently starred opposite Carey Mulligan in “Promising Young Woman,” said the only way to move forward with “Superbad 2” would be to make it from a female character’s point of view.
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The Only Way Superbad 2 Could Ever Work, According To McLovin Actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Since its release in 2007, Superbad has become a cult classic. The film infiltrated pop culture in a way very few coming-of-age comedies have, and one of the most beloved parts of the film is Fogell, a.k.a. McLovin, played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse. For many, the actor’s performance was a highlight, and recently, the McLovin actor gave his stance on the only way Superbad 2 could ever work.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse & What to Watch

We convince uber-Celtics fan, Christopher Mintz-Plasseon, to jump on the Sixers wagonm plus we chat about his band, obsession for recording equipment and his show ‘Blark and Son’ on Comedy Central. Plus an off the cuff conversation about what we’re watching these days and why everyone needs to stream In & Of Itself on Hulu ASAP.