Christopher Columbus

Let’s put Christopher Columbus in his place | COMMENTARY

The grander myths of Christopher Columbus were long ago exposed as false. As we’ve outlined on this page before, he didn’t set out to prove the world was round, didn’t discover America and might not even have been Italian. He was never the hero his legend grew to portray him, but instead a complicated man whose journeys commercially linked the Eastern and Western hemispheres, and led the way ...

Artist completes replica of Baltimore’s toppled Christopher Columbus statue. A group is now looking for its new home.

A Maryland sculptor has completed a replica of Little Italy’s controversial Christopher Columbus statue, and a local group plans to bring it back to Baltimore. Eastern Shore artist Will Hemsley created the new statue using pieces of the original retrieved from Baltimore’s harbor, where the monument was tossed after it was toppled by protesters on the Fourth of July two years ago. “The statue ...
Picture for Artist completes replica of Baltimore’s toppled Christopher Columbus statue. A group is now looking for its new home.

Judge rules Syracuse's Christopher Columbus statue can't be removed

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — It’s a victory in court for the group trying to stop Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh from taking down the statue of Christopher Columbus. A judge ruled Friday the mayor can't take it down. Supreme Court Justice Gerald Neri first ruled members of the Columbus Monument Corporation did have standing to bring the legal action. He based that decision on the fact that several members were donors to the fund to overhaul the monument in 1990 and they are also residents of the City of Syracuse. That renovation was jointly funded by donors, the city and New York State. From that effort came a covenant that required the city to provide care for the monument for 23 years or the rest of its useful life.

N.J. district to remove Woodrow Wilson, Christopher Columbus from school names

The Trenton school board will host a community meeting Monday as it works to rename two elementary schools currently named after Woodrow Wilson and Christopher Columbus. School officials said earlier this week that a committee has been formed to rename Columbus Elementary School and Wilson Elementary School while following district policy, which opens the process up to the public.

Mark Zuckerberg will be the Christopher Columbus of the metaverse

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