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Chris Whitty issues worrying Covid warning for next 'two or three years'

Professor Chris Whitty has issued a fresh warning amid rising coronavirus rates in England warning Covid-19 has “not thrown its last surprise at us”. England’s chief medical officer said there will be “several” more to come after Boris Johnson delayed stage four of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown by up to four weeks.
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Covid: Chris Whitty warns current wave could be ‘significant’ and expects winter surge

The NHS needs to brace itself for another difficult winter ahead, with the possibility of a further “very significant Covid surge”, chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty has warned.Prof Whitty’s warning came as experts said the UK was now at the beginning of a third wave of the virus, and that the return of lockdown restrictions could not be ruled out, with the possibility of as many as 1,200 deaths a day at the peak.A study commissioned by the government found that coronavirus cases are “rising exponentially” across England and doubling every 11 days, driven largely by younger, unvaccinated...
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Professor Lockdown now says he's 'more optimistic' about UK's fight against Covid variant and NHS should be able to cope with third wave - but Chris Whitty warns of a 'very difficult' winter ahead

Professor Lockdown Neil Ferguson is 'more optimistic' about Britain's Covid fight against the Indian variant than he has previously been. The prominent SAGE adviser warned just last week that the country faced a third wave 'at least comparable in terms of hospitalisations' to previous peaks due to the ultra-infectious new strain.

Covid-19 has not thrown its last surprise at us, warns Professor Chris Whitty

Covid-19 has “not thrown its last surprise at us”, England’s chief medical officer said, as he warned there will be “several” more to come. Professor Chris Whitty said the current surge of the virus will “definitely” translate into hospital admissions and “undoubtedly” further deaths. It comes as the latest weekly...
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Children COULD be vaccinated to stop Covid disrupting their education, Chris Whitty says – but Government has not decided and 'is focusing on adults down to 18'

Children could be given Covid jabs to stop the virus disrupting their education or increasing their future risk of physical or mental health problems. Professor Chris Whitty said today that officials were still considering whether to vaccinate children but that the 'big priority' is now reaching over-18s over summer. Regulators...
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Chris Whitty warns Indian Covid variant could be MORE transmissible than dominant Kent strain as data shows mutant virus is behind almost HALF of all cases in London

India's coronavirus variant could be more transmissible than Britain's currently dominant Kent strain, Professor Chris Whitty warned tonight as fears continue to grow over the mutated virus. Public Health England data show the variant of concern — scientifically called B.1.617.2 — makes up between 40 per cent and half of...
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Strictly Come Dancing bosses 'want to sign Chris Whitty' for 2021 series

Strictly Come Dancing bosses reportedly want to sign Chris Whitty up for the next series of the much-loved dancing show. An insider has told that BBC producers are keen to get the Chief Medical Officer, 54, on the line-up following his newfound fame amid the coronavirus pandemic, and that "discreet enquiries" will be made in the coming weeks in a bid to secure the Professor's commitment to the series.
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Strictly Come Dancing bosses 'target Chris Whitty or Jonathan Van-Tam in bid to land a star of the pandemic for 2021 series'

Strictly Come Dancing is reportedly hoping to a land a 'star of the pandemic' for the 2021 series with Professor Chris Whitty at the top of the list. The hit BBC One dance show is said to be making 'discreet enquiries' over the next few weeks in a bid to secure England's Chief Medical Officer Whitty, 54, his deputy Jonathan Van-Tam, or vaccine tsar Kate Bingham.

Chris Whitty 'lined up for Strictly Come Dancing'

England's Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and his deputy Jonathan Van-Tam are said to be among the "stars of the pandemic" being considered for this year's 'Strictly Come Dancing'. Chris Whitty is being lined up for this year's 'Strictly Come Dancing'. Show bosses are said to be keen to sign...
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Professor Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance 'are pressuring Boris Johnson to keep social distancing rules for ANOTHER year'

Professor Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance are putting pressure on Boris Johnson to keep social distancing rules in place for another year, it was claimed today. The Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Scientific Adviser are said to be in active discussions with the Prime Minister over whether restrictions should be kept for the long term.