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Hancock says gov didn't know about asymptomatic Covid but Chris Whitty video suggests otherwise

Last week, the high court ruled that the government’s decision to discharge hospital patients into care homes without testing them for Covid 19 was unlawful.The ruling went against the government’s claim that it had thrown a “protective ring” around the vulnerable residents at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in spring 2020.Following the ruling, Boris Johnson and former health secretary Matt Hancock both claimed that the government had a lack of “knowledge” about the asymptomatic transmission of the virus.The prime minister told the House of Commons: “What we didn’t know in particular was that Covid could be transmitted asymptomatically.”And Hancock...

Covid crisis ‘not over’ as hospitalisations to rise for two weeks, warns Chris Whitty

Covid hospitalisations will continue to rise for at least two weeks, England’s government’s chief medical officer warned on Wednesday as Britain’s daily cases breached 100,000 for the second time this month. Professor Sir Chris Whitty said the country’s Covid crisis “is not over” and that new variants of the disease could arise at any time. He pointed to the latest data showing that the number of people with Covid in hospitals has been rising, and said this would likely continue for at least two weeks. The current rise in cases is “currently being driven by Omicron rather than new variants”,...

Professor Sir Chris Whitty urges people to get on their bikes

People do not cycle as much as their grandparents and should consider getting on their bikes to boost their health, England’s chief medical officer has said.Professor Sir Chris Whitty said that cycling rates had dropped significantly since the 1950s.He praised efforts to promote walking and cycling during the Covid-19 pandemic but warned that the crisis had led to a severe impact on the levels of obesity across the country.Sir Chris raised concerns that many aspects of public health had “either trodden water or gone backwards” over the last two years – including levels of obesity and also the impact the...

Chris Whitty says people with COVID-19 should still self-isolate

Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty has said that people with COVID-19 should still isolate, despite the Government’s scrapping of mandatory self-isolation rules. In the Commons yesterday (February 21), Boris Johnson announced the end of almost all pandemic restrictions and ended free public access to tests as part of his new “living with COVID” plan.

You should still isolate if you have Covid-19, says Professor Sir Chris Whitty

England’s chief medical officer has said people should still isolate if they have Covid-19 despite the legal requirement ending on Thursday.Professor Sir Chris Whitty said it is “standard public health advice” as he warned that while rates are coming down it is “still a very common infection”.Prof Whitty and the Government’s chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance also highlighted the importance of ongoing surveillance of the virus.We have a very clear view of this. This has not gone awayBoris JohnsonSpeaking at a Downing Street Press conference, Prof Whitty said: “As we look at the next weeks, we still have high...

Living with Covid: Sir Chris Whitty to join Boris Johnson at press conference this evening

Boris Johnson is to be joined by chief medical officer Sir Chris Whitty and chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance at a press conference late this afternoon to discuss the government’s plan for “living with Covid”, Downing Street has said.The presence of the “three amigos” at the Downing Street briefing will be seen as confirmation that Whitty and Vallance have signed off on the controversial plan, which will bring forward by a month the lifting of the legal requirement to isolate after a positive test for coronavirus.The announcement was thrown into chaos today as wrangling between the Treasury and Department...

Watch live as Boris Johnson and Sir Chris Whitty set out plan to end restrictions

Boris Johnson is expected to set out his plan for scrapping the legal requirements for people with Covid to self-isolate, and there could be announcements on the availability of free tests.Ministers have given their “unanimous” backing to the pm’s “living with Covid” plan after Downing Street was thrown into chaos after the meeting of Cabinet was delayed at the eleventh hour over a rift between senior members of the government.Reports said the delay was caused by Sajid Javid, the health secretary and Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, locking horns over the testing costs.Sign up to our newsletters here

Prof Chris Whitty: Air pollution is 'everybody's problem'

Air pollution is "everybody's problem and a problem at all times", Prof Chris Whitty has said. Speaking at Clean Air Summit on Thursday, England's chief medical officer said air pollution increased the risks of strokes, heart attacks, cancers and other diseases. The summit had been convened by the Mayor of...