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The THREE-TEAM TRADE That Lands Donovan Mitchell On The New York Knicks!

According to Michael Scotto of HoopsHype and Shams Charania of The Athletic, there is a blockbuster three-team trade between the NY Knicks, LA Lakers, and Utah Jazz in the works which would send Donovan Mitchell to New York, Russell Westbrook and many draft picks to Utah, and a few win-now veteran players to Los Angeles. In this video, I discuss my officially three-team mock trade that sends Mitchell to NY.

Enjoying Work

Do you enjoy working? Considering how much time we spend at work, it is sad that some do not enjoy it and may even despise it. Imagine spending at least a third of each weekday hating what you do for forty or fifty years! Is that any way to live? Surely there must be a better way. There is!

New stimulus bill would send New York families thousands

man counting moneyPhoto by Karolina Grabowska (Creative Commons) Tired of having sticker shock every time you go to the store because of what it is doing to your wallet? That's understandable. And, thankfully, there is an exciting new law being proposed from three senators that would likely help you out A new law, called the Family Security Act 2.0.,was introduced by Mitt Romney, Richard Burr, and Steve Daines. This new government program would send money in the amount of $350 per month for each qualifying child ages five years old and under. For families with children ages six to seventeen years old, parents would receive $250 a month for each qualifying child.

DWR Holds Ribbon Cutting, Unveils Plans for Cinnamon Creek WMA

After obtaining the winning bid at a public auction in November 2021, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources officially took ownership of its newest wildlife management area, the Cinnamon Creek WMA, in June. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Aug. 5 to mark the occasion. Named after a creek that...

Ohio attorneys with experience in FBI investigations of politicians shed light on Trump Mar-a-Lago search: Capitol Letter

Not so fast: News that the FBI searched ex-President Donald Trump’s Florida home on Monday quickly sent political shockwaves nationwide. But details about the investigation are scant. And as Andrew Tobias writes, recent cases involving high-profile public figures in Ohio show these types of federal investigations can take years to develop, and sometimes have inconclusive results, like in the instance of Cliff Rosenberger, the former Ohio House speaker.

Ukraine says 9 Russian warplanes destroyed in Crimea blasts

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine said Wednesday that nine Russian warplanes were destroyed in a deadly string of explosions at an air base in Crimea that appeared to be the result of a Ukrainian attack, which would represent a significant escalation in the war. Russia denied any aircraft were damaged in Tuesday’s blasts — or that any attack took place. But satellite photos clearly showed at least seven fighter planes at the base had been blown up and others probably damaged. Ukrainian officials stopped short of publicly claiming responsibility for the explosions, while mocking Russia’s explanation that a careless smoker might have caused ammunition at the Saki air base to catch fire and blow up. Analysts also said that explanation doesn’t make sense and that the Ukrainians could have used anti-ship missiles to strike the base. If Ukrainian forces were, in fact, responsible for the blasts, it would be the first known major attack on a Russian military site on the Crimean Peninsula, which was seized from Ukraine by the Kremlin in 2014. Russian warplanes have used Saki to strike areas in Ukraine’s south.

West Miami beef thief suspect busted

MIAMI - West Miami police said a brazen beef bandit was arrested Tuesday after he returned to the same store that he had robbed twice in the middle of the day over a recent four-day period. CBS4 brought you the story on the thefts last week. Surveillance video from the Tropical Supermarket, at SW 8th Street at 62nd Avenue, shows the man taking $800 dollars worth of meat right in front of customers and walking out of the store. The market is just blocks away from the West Miami police department. Detectives identified the man as 32-year-old Lazaro Cabrera-Calero. They said he seemed unconcerned when taking the meat and stuffing it in a backpack. "He's pretty confident, like he is shopping and not in any rush and was not concerned about cameras seeing his face or anything like that," said Detective Richard Menor. Menor added that the store's manager got a tip saying that the meat was being sold locally.

Rome PD looking for August 8 robbery suspect

ROME, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Two men are in custody facing multiple felony charges and one man is still at large after a robbery that left two victims injured on August 8, according to the Rome Police Department. Police stated that at around 12:35 a.m. on Monday, officers arrived at...