Chris Soules

Podcast #229 – Interview with Nikki Delventhal from Chris Soules “Bachelor” Season

I’m guessing about 99% of you don’t remember Nikki Delventhal from Chris Soules season of the “Bachelor” – and she likes it that way. Hell, she doesn’t even remember exactly what rose ceremony she got eliminated in. We think we figured it out, but we’re not sure. But Nikki Delventhal from the “Bachelor” is the last thing she wants to be known for. When you hear her reason for even doing the show in the first place, well, let me just say I’ve never heard a contestant openly admit that was their reason for doing the show. Yet through all that, doing the show is what led Nikki to where she is in life today. We recorded this on Monday while Nikki was in her car. Not because she was driving to or from work, or squeezed it on a busy day. No, it’s because that’s where Nikki lives. No, not in an Airstream. Or a giant truck. Or an RV. Nikki lives in a 2006 Prius with her dog Camper and has for the last year and a half. It’s a fascinating story that I hope you all take the time to listen to today. So glad Nikki came on to tell her story. I think you will be too after listening.
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