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Chris Russo takes Michael Rapaport dig at Kevin Durant during epic rant

Kevin Durant sat out Wednesday’s loss to the 76ers, a defeat that could end up costing the Nets home-court advantage, and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo had a big problem with that decision. The former WFAN talk-show host, who now works for SiriusXM, tore apart the Nets and their star forward...
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Chris Russo should raise holy hell with disgraceful Pat McAfee

In the 1960s, Belle Barth, a late X-rated Miami Beach nightclub comic, would remark, “If I offend you, please tell your friends.”. And that brings us to, of all people, Chris Russo. He and I have engaged in some nasty battles over his 33-year WFAN then SiriusXM radio career. But credit where credit is richly deserved:
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Chris Russo and Chris Christie Debating C-SPAN's Presidential Rankings is Everything You Want

With the Super Bowl and Tom Brady's rare hangover in the rearview mirror, sports radio hosts embark on the dog days of winter, desperate for anything interesting until the NCAA Tournament or Opening Day shakes the hope and spring out of people. Chris "Mad Dog" Russo is the ultimate pro's pro and knows how to find elite content on even the dreariest of day. Armed with a 2017 list of best presidents compiled by C-SPAN and one-time aspiring president himself Chris Christie, Russo flipped on the red light and created radio gold.
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Chris Russo of ‘Russo Strategic Partners’: “Determine your target audience and establish clear goals”

Ask attendees for feedback. And follow up with them in authentic ways — A big mistake I see brands make is that once the event is over they think their work is done. Not the case. You should have specific follow up emails that go to those who attended and those who registered and did not attend. You should be sending out feedback forms to understand what your audience liked and how to improve your event for next time. You should also be sending custom follow-ups to attendees and speakers of high importance to you. Turn your attendees into clients, customers, and business partners.

Chris Russo: A perfect example of what’s wrong with Hall of Fame voting

Chris Russo’s strong opinions on voting for the National Baseball Hall of Fame are exactly why the process is the bane of my winter existence. Chris Russo is exactly what’s wrong with the voting process for the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He’s part of a high-minded group of baseball...
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Chris Russo buries tension with Craig Carton as sons pair on WFAN

It all happened rather quickly for Colin Russo and Sonny Carton, the sons of sports radio stars Chris “Mad Dog” Russo and Craig Carton. About a week after Craig heard Colin on Chris’ SiriusXM show on Dec. 7, ranting about former Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams’ all-out blitz that cost the Jets their first win against the Raiders the day before — and hurting Colin Russo’s Jaguars in the race for the No. 1 draft pick — Craig called former foe Chris to see if he’d be interested in their two sons doing a show together.