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First Take’s ’92 Dream Team segment never aired after heated exchange between Ryan Clark and Chris Russo

On Monday, ESPN’s First Take teased a segment on the 30th anniversary of the 1992 Dream Team, but it was scrapped for commercials without explanation. Towards the end of Monday’s show, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo and Ryan Clark were debating New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas. The segment went long as Russo attempted to defend his credentials as a Heisman Trophy voter, and Clark warned the legendary sports radio host against raising his voice.
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Chris Russo and Ryan Clark get heated over Cooper Kupp on ‘First Take’

Tensions flared between Chris “Mad Dog” Russo and Ryan Clark on Monday’s episode of “First Take” on ESPN. The veteran radio personality and former NFL player, who co-hosts “The Pivot” podcast, were debating Heisman Trophy voting — and whether Rams receiver Cooper Kupp is a Hall of Famer following a stellar 2021 season that ended with the receiving triple crown and Super Bowl MVP honors. “They must be voting like you vote for the Heisman where you just vote on whoever the hell you want, based on the fact that they play quarterback,” Clark said before Russo cut him...
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Ranking the Fall Out Boy Albums, Some Harsh Words for Rudy's Dad, & Why We Need Chris Russo

From basement shows up on the North Shore to achieving unprecedented mainstream success as a pop-punk outfit to becoming a living, breathing version of stadium jock jams, Fall Out Boy has put together two decades of infectious hooks and clever lyrics. Crowds are won and lost and won again, but they still bring joy to the beating hearts of the diehards. Evolution is a mixed bag and loyal supporters like myself pine for the good old days yet cannot begrudge the decision to re-tool, re-mix, and rise again like a phoenix. Choosing a favorite album is difficult because much like children, one loves all of them differently. So if I can live through this, I can do anything.

We Need Chris Russo On That Wall

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo has been making himself at home at the Seaport, picking up shifts in addition to his traditional Wednesday appearance on First Take as Stephen A. Smith rehabs an injury. Would that we could all be in to fire off sports opinions for $10,000 a crack but this man deserves it more than pretty much anyone else. One of his go-to moves is to embrace the past and rile up the social-media community, which often shows that it has a collective mind wiped clean of anything that occurred before, say, 2007 with one of those Men In Black pens. Occasionally one can see the seams in the bit as he peppers in a few outrageously outdated and niche entries into the list de jour.

Domonique Foxworth to Chris Russo: ‘You’re not no damn Kevin Durant’

Chris Russo took the barb in stride. Although Stephen A. Smith is out on vacation, the Mad Dog made his customary weekly appearance on ESPN’s “First Take” on Wednesday. Russo was embroiled in a debate about Kevin Durant with Domonique Foxworth, a former NFL defensive back who was once the president of the NFLPA. Russo didn’t like the idea that Durant, who has four years remaining on his contract with the Nets, could have his trade request indulged. “[Let’s say] I sign a long-term contract with ESPN, and then in two weeks Fox comes to me. Well, I can’t go! I signed...

Chris Russo has harsh message for Kyrie Irving

The drama surrounding Kyrie Irving and his future with the Brooklyn Nets remain ongoing. But as far as Chris Russo is concerned, the New York Knicks should want nothing to do with that future. After word leaked that Brooklyn had given Irving permission to pursue a sign-and-trade opportunity and he...

Erin Andrews, Chris Russo eviscerate Delta amid flight cancellations

Two titans of sports media have skewered Delta Airlines this week. First it was Chris Russo; now, Erin Andrews has weighed in. Responding to a story on Fox News about how “hundreds” of flights have been canceled or delayed across America — again — Andrews had had enough. “Anyone want to step in and regulate this?” Andrews asked. “I understand pilot shortages. But don’t overcharge for flights, when you have to cancel them @Delta! Don’t book the flight period!” A replier opined that the problem was arguably due to over-regulation, as opposed to needing more government intervention. “Ya I don’t want to argue,” Andrews,...

Chris Russo reveals hefty ‘First Take’ paycheck to Howard Stern

Chris Russo does just fine financially. The Mad Dog had an appearance with Howard Stern on SiriusXM Wednesday morning, and revealed that his deal to debate Stephen A. Smith on Wednesdays on “First Take” is for $10,000 an episode — and 40 dates. Consider that this is Russo’s third job. He also hosts afternoon drive on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio, the station that was built for him when he left Mike Francesa and WFAN in 2008, and hosts “High Heat” on MLB Network. And yet, one could argue that Russo should be in line for a big raise from ESPN when this...