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Chris Neville Issues A Statement On IGT And His Inability To Protect Shareholders Interests

TORONTO, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Shareholder Update:. On Monday, April 19th, without approval or consent from Mr. Neville, Mr. Troy Grant, Mr. Binyon Posen and Mr. Brendan Purdy formed a special "executive committee" ("the Committee") inside of the board of directors, which would provide the three members of the board with additional powers. Mr. Neville has not resigned or provided any notification to the Company indicating his resignation.
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Announcement On Status Of Trading Halt Of Interactive Games Technologies Inc From CEO Chris Neville

TORONTO, April 12, 2021 /CNW/ - The CEO of Interactive Games Technologies Inc. ("IGT") (CSE: BETS) (FSE: F0O3) (OTC: BLITF) Chris Neville provided the following statement regarding the trading halt imposed on IGT's common shares on Friday, April 9, 2021: "Contrary to the information distributed last week by certain individuals purporting to act on behalf of IGT, I have neither resigned nor been terminated as CEO of IGT. I am currently working with the British Columbia Securities Commission and The Canadian Securities Exchange ("CSE") on a number of issues at the board level which I hope will be resolved in due time. As CEO, from day one I have been working for all shareholders of IGT to create maximum value for the majority and also minority shareholders. As CEO, I have raised serious concerns that a large shareholder is effecting and steering the direction of IGT without authority, with the support and encouragement of two board directors." Mr. Neville continued "Highly important information regarding certain potential transactions has been not provided to the CEO of IGT and meetings have been held without the CEO being privy. I will continue to act in the best interest of all shareholders of IGT and will work diligently with both The CSE and British Columbia Securities Commission to ensure all shareholders receive equal value from any and all transactions that occur with the company."