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Adventurer Chris McCandless Of ‘Into The Wild’ Fame Was Victim Of Freak Hydrological Event, Study Suggests

The adventurous life and tragic death of Christopher McCandless in the Alaskan wilderness was popularized by author Jon Krakauer in his 1996 novel Into the Wild and a 2007 film adaptation. At age 24, McCandless gave away all his life savings and possessions, adopting a vagabond lifestyle and living off the land. After traveling the U.S. and Mexico, in spring 1992, he ventured north into the Alaskan wilderness, where he found shelter in an abandoned bus along an old mine road. In July, after living in the bus for a little over two months, he decided to head back to civilization, but according to his journal's entry, the trail was blocked by the now impassable Teklanika River. At this point, McCandless headed back to the bus and re-established his camp. After being stranded in the wilderness for 113 days, McCandless likely died in late August of hunger and exhaustion.
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1992: More about Chris McCandless

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Chris McCandless, St. Francis of Assisi, and the Allure of the Wild

My wife and I recently re-watched the 2007 film Into the Wild, and this prompted me to re-devour the book upon which it is based. Author Jon Krakauer drew upon his own lived experience of wanderlust and mountain climbing in the Alaskan country to write the bestselling biopic on the life of Christopher McCandless, a young man who left behind his belongings to live off the land of Alaska until his tragic death in 1992. McCandless’ life has inspired some to dismiss him as a self-absorbed, witless fool and others to praise him as a modern Thoreau, heroically eschewing suburban society in the pursuit of the essence of life itself.

Chris McCandless: Little Cottonwood Via Gondola

Chris McCandless grew up in Little Cottonwood Canyon, dropping powder lines as a kid and hiking Superior in the summertime. It's a place near and dear to his heart. Three or four days a week you might find him driving up the canyon where the decision of the morning is Alta, Snowbird or backcountry - all the way up just soaking in the scenery.