Chris Hayes


Chris Hayes on the ‘perpetual grievance machine’ of right-wing politics

“People on the right are now classifying every institution in American life as either our team or their team,” says Chris Hayes. “The essence of modern, MAGA-era conservatism is bemoaning the fact that in their mind every institution in American life has moved from our team to their team."April 27, 2022.

Chris Hayes: Putin’s war is the first conflict in a new global era

Chris Hayes: “This new land war on the European continent—pitting a would-be conquering dictator against citizens of a flawed, but resilient democracy—really does feel like the first armed conflict in a new chapter: a sustained battle between liberal democracy and its enemies.”March 25, 2022.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes claims conservative majority in SCOTUS was 'dubiously obtained'

MSNBC host Chris Hayes raised social media eyebrows by claiming that the conservative majority on the Supreme Court was suspiciously obtained. During the Senate hearing for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson on Monday, the "All In" host attacked what he called conservative "whining" over the judge. He further added that conservatives have no reason to complain with a court majority that was "dubiously obtained."

Chris Hayes: Three possible ways the Russia-Ukraine conflict could end

Chris Hayes lays out three ways the war in Ukraine could end: “The third way this conflict ends is with some actual diplomatic solution with a ceasefire, a withdrawal of Russian troops, and some agreed upon path forward. There is a real question about whether that is actually achievable—and whether Russia is at all interested in that outcome.”March 18, 2022.

Keith Olbermann lobbied MSNBC to have him replace Chris Hayes: report

Keith Olbermann lobbied MSNBC executives to bring him back to the left-leaning cable network and replace Chris Hayes in primetime, according to a report. Olbermann made the pitch in a February 2020 email correspondence with Jeff Shell, the CEO of NBCUniversal, the Comcast-owned media conglomerate whose portfolio includes MSNBC. In the email, which was first reported by Puck News (paywall), Olbermann urged Shell to consider reviving “Countdown,” the primetime news program that the former ESPN SportsCenter anchor hosted during the post-Iraq War presidency of George W. Bush. Olbermann was fired by MSNBC over a decade ago, ending a tumultuous relationship that included suspensions...

Report: Keith Olbermann spent two years lobbying for an MSNBC comeback, with an eye toward replacing Chris Hayes

The Daily Beast recently reported that Olbermann was in talks to temporarily replace his protégé Rachel Maddow during her months-long hiatus. Turns out Olbermann has been lobbying to return to MSNBC for two years, according to emails obtained by Puck News' Dylan Byers, who worked as a media reporter for NBC News until last fall. Olbermann sent the emails to Jeff Shell, who became CEO of NBC Universal in 2019. The pair have known each other since the late 1990s, when Shell was the president of Fox’s cable networks and Olbermann was a Fox Sports anchor. "In Shell’s ascension, Olbermann saw an opportunity to engineer a return to the halcyon days of the mid-to-late aughts, when, as host of Countdown, he was MSNBC’s marquee primetime star and one of the most powerful figures in American political media—a pre-Maddow Maddow of the now largely forgotten post-Iraq, Bush years," says Byers. "So began nearly two years of emails, which I obtained today, in which Olbermann repeatedly urged the executive to reinstate him at MSNBC and Shell repeatedly led the former host to believe that he wanted to bring him back to the network—and that it would just take a matter of time." Olbermann particularly wanted to take over Chris Hayes' All In timeslot, writing in an email to Shell: “Your 8 p.m. show is dying of thirst during a flood.” As Mediaite notes, All In hasn't had good ratings, not even in the demo.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Launches A Four-Part Podcast Series About The Future

When I caught up with MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes by phone on a recent afternoon, he was taking advantage of some downtime by enjoying the simple pleasure of walking his dog with his father. It’s because his parents happened to be in town visiting — and, more important, it was also a manifestation of one of the big changes brought about by the pandemic that the host of All In with Chris Hayes told me he’s become intentional about making a permanent part of his life.