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Who is Chris Harris: Ten things you should know about the Scotland centre

Who is Chris Harris: Ten things should know about the Scotland centre. Perennially one of the most underrated players in the Gallagher Premiership, Chris Harris’s outstanding form was rewarded by a call-up from Warren Gatland for the British & Irish Lions 2021 squad. A brilliant defender, who is also capable...
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Chris Harris Drives: Audi RS e-tron GT vs BMW M5 CS

Has the Audi RS e-tron GT ripped up the supersaloon rulebook? To find out, here’s Chris Harris testing it against the very car that *invented* the class, the BMW M5. And it’s not your boggo £102,000 BMW M5 Competition. No, it’s the £140,000 BMW M5 CS with extra horsepower and bronze trim.
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Chris Harris Compares Audi RS E-Tron GT To BMW M5 CS On Track

Can electric performance cars be as exciting as sporty gas-burning vehicles? According to Top Gear’s Chris Harris, the answer is no, but models like the Audi RS E-Tron GT get pretty close and you can still have plenty of fun around a track in one - Harris even says the hottest E-Tron GT is even more tail happy and fun than the Porsche Taycan it’s closely related to.

VIDEO: BMW M5 CS vs Audi RS e-tron GT — Chris Harris

When I saw the thumbnail for this video, I clicked so hard on my laptop mousepad I think I broke it. A BMW M5 CS taking on the all-electric Audi RS e-tron GT, with Chris Harris at the wheel? Yes, please. This is admittedly an unusual comparison but it’s a...
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Chris Harris Compares Electric Audi RS E-Tron GT And BMW M5 CS

Dubstep vs old-time rock and roll. It’s no surprise that electric cars are on the way, but how do they compare with the best that internal combustion has to offer? That’s a question Chris Harris decided to answer in a recent Top Gear video where he compared the all-electric Audi RS E-Tron GT versus the BMW M5 CS.
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Chris Harris Discusses How His IMPACT Return Came Together, Possible Reunion With James Storm

James Storm competed in his 1000th IMPACT match on the March 31 episode of the program. Ahead of his return, he was greeted by his former tag team partner Chris Harris. Harris and Storm (America's Most Wanted) are one of the most decorated tag teams in TNA/IMPACT history, winning the NWA Tag Team Titles seven times as a team. They last teamed in 2006 when they lost to The Latin American Exchange (Hernandez & Homicide).
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A Legendary Collection Of Cars Is Heading to Auction And Chris Harris Has the Inside Info You Need

The video starts from outside where Chris Harris walks next to some already epic machinery, such as the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale and F430 Scuderia, neatly arranged outside the “shed”. Walking in, the sheer number of rare cars is mesmerizing. Chris Harris barely know where to start before walking up to a Carrera Club Sport that has only 6,000 miles on the clock.

Chris Harris versus the new BMW M3

The last M3 is always better than the new M3 – the new one has lost ‘something’. The last Porsche 911 was a better driver’s car, the new one is too big and has lost ‘something’. Strange, isn’t it, how the regeneration process for any performance icon always seems to result in the misplacement of an attribute so important it can’t actually be named specifically.

Inside the mind of centre Chris Harris

Inside the mind of Gloucester, Scotland and Lions centre Chris Harris. “It’s my worst nightmare getting random people to speak to me! At uni I did a random job with Metro Radio – I was doing those annoying questionnaires on the street. I must have done one and then snuck off to a coffee shop, called my grandma and grandad and just sort of made the rest of them up.”

Tesla Cybertruck, Ferrari’s Last V12, Hummer Crabwalks In Traffic, Chris Harris Thrashes New GT3: Your Morning Brief

Good morning and welcome to our daily digest of automotive news from around the globe, starting with…. Lincoln proves there’s life left in the luxury sedan with a sporty four-door that features recessed door handles and a huge cross-dash digital display. Though officially a concept, a production version will follow – though sadly, only for China.
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Chris Harris Drives the Porsche 992 GT3, and Then He Drives It Some More

As a car journalist, especially an experienced one working for an important title, getting genuinely excited about driving a new car happens less and less often. Sure, you have your occasional hypercar and your annual Ferrari—those will always be an occasion—but other than that, even something like a BMW M car is starting to lose its appeal. Add the fact more and more new models have electric powertrains, and you can understand why an old-school journalist might feel a bit jaded with his day-to-day work.

Top Gear’s Chris Harris Drives The Honda E And Loves It... Mostly

It’s amusing how practically all automotive journalists who drive and review the Honda E begin by talking about its small battery and low range, but then for most of the video, they try to find excuses for it. Almost all of them end up saying they’d have one in spite of the range (particularly if they enjoy driving sporty cars), as was the case when we had a go in one a few months back.

Can The Cute Honda e Electric Mini Win Over Chris Harris?

Most would agree that Honda absolutely nailed the design of the all-electric e, but according to Chris Harris, there are some things that the Japanese carmaker didn’t do so well when creating the electric hatchback. During Top Gear’s 29th season, Harris had the opportunity to test the Honda e and...

Chris Harris Is Happy The Porsche 911 Won’t Go Electric

The age of electrification is well and truly upon us and while that means we will see lots of exciting new electric vehicles launched in the coming decade, it also means some of our favorite ICE-powered vehicles will be killed off. Fortunately, the Porsche 911 won’t be one of them.